How to Spot a fake Apple Charger

How to Spot a fake Apple Charger

How to Spot a fake Apple Charger

It happens to almost everyone – you get your shiny new Idevice, you play around with it, admire its unique features, try to stimulate some sort of jealousy from your friends or acquaintances then suddenly BOOM!! “Did you see my charging cable?”. This questions marks the beginning of a quasi-spiritual journey full of regret, sadness, hope, arrogance, a broken charger and in the end, enlightenment.

If you find it difficult to differentiate between the loss of a pet and that of a Iphone/Ipad/Ipod charger then I think this article and an intervention is in order for you.

Now, It’s difficult not to sympathise with Apple users who are on the hunt for alternative sources to juice up their devices considering a new charger, sans the cable will run you $19 . I’ll wait here, sipping on my fruit juice while you go and verify that.

There are more tablets and smartphones being sold each year, people are getting richer and the gadgets they want to purchase are getting fancier. But there are drawbacks to every success story, and in this case, the counterfeit market is also enjoying something of a boom. Fake Apple Charger (and peripheral) manufacturers seem to be enjoying more success than Blackberry at the moment. Knock off chargers costing a fraction of the original, can be grabbed for as a little $2.

But the low price point also has a few catches attached to it. Batteries and chargers coming out of factories around the world are susceptible to a lot of hazards, fire being one of them.

A fake apple charger is quite vulnerable to overheating, due to the lack of proper or any insulation. There are whole lot of issues which entail your counterfeit charger, some, even affecting you device.

While legit third-party distributors sell well-tested, reliable non-Apple chargers, there are so many illegitimate knock-offs around, and if you think you may have one, it makes sense to investigate further.

Which one is fake apple charger of the two?

Which one is fake apple charger of the two?

Electronics expert Ken Shirriff has outlined signs that help distinguish between a counterfeit and original apple charger. For one, a charger manufacture by Apple will bear the trademark “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”, on it, as well as noting the manufacturer as “Foxlink”. A fake, meanwhile, is unlikely to have these inscriptions,although often, as Shirriff’s example shows, may still include the “TM © 2010 Apple Inc.” Fakes may also show logos and notation pertaining to a bunch of certification and safety tests that it simply hasn’t been passed for.

Fake apple charger

Fake apple charger

On the top is a fake Ipad charger. When torn down, there are clear discrepancies, but unless you’re knowledgeable about this stuff, it is a little hard for the naked eye to distinguish between them.

In my opinion, if you’re willing to shell for the device, then you might as well pony up for the original accessories.

Source: Redmondpie

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