Sparklin 101

Sparklin 101

Sparklin 101

Sparklin is a multi-city, independent, creative family where we combine our passion for design + brand + technology to create functional experiences. You would have experienced a bit of Sparklin in apps, brand identities, websites and infographics around you.

Dirty Hands

We love people who get their hands dirty and not let their degrees limit them. A tech geek who contributes to sales and marketing, a creative head who suggests fantastic UX. When a job needs to be done well, we all pitch in. Period.

Working (H)ours

At Sparklin, it’s as much about us, as about work – we’d rather call it working ours!
Given we have one of the coolest startup offices, you may as well work from the bean bag! The focus is on getting the work done, whether it’s done from your porch or a beach.


Ever been to a hiring process where an intern can veto the candidate? Our culture trumps the right talent any day. Anyone in the family, irrespective of years of experience, may use his/her better judgement for what is best for all of us. We believe each of us is an intern and CDO at heart, at the same time.

Company Designation

Love calling yourself a Photoshop Vader? Go right ahead.
We have no official designations at Sparklin. Work will always speak over years of experience. We have everyone from a DJ-in-residence, to a dude who calls himself a blogger, all in the family.

Hustle Together

We are hustlers at heart. Apart from the functional things we build for others, we all hustle to ship products built specifically for our needs. We rethought an entire job portal for ‘creative folks’ called Pixel Jobs because we felt the pain. Have an interesting idea that the world needs to see, you have the entire Sparklin team backing you!

Game on

We love board games. From Pictionary to Taboo, we have all of them stocked. No better way to challenge your grey cells and have some ‘family fun’ at work.


Music is the elixir that drives us. Be prepared to jam to playlists where classic Telugu music follows heavy metal and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the genres we listen to.

Get Together

The team that eats, plays, parties, travels, brainstorms together stays together.
Team Sparklin has been to all the kick ass events together. Be it Comic Con, NH7, Startup Saturday, Jazz Festival – if it is worth having fun, we are there.

Startup Magic

We heart startups! And we are deeply ingrained in the Indian startup ecosystem. From early access to products to meeting India’s best startup minds in person. Sparklin has a way of doing that startup magic to you.

Wanderlust in you

Love to travel? So do we. That is the reason we give the entire Sparklin family a trip to an international destination each year. Sounds too good to be true – Experience it.

Simplify World

We plan to grow across borders, in various verticals, keeping the DNA of ‘design thinking’ intact. Being part of a larger group of companies with an overall presence in 22 countries, we aim to solve bigger problems and simplify the world, one design solution at a time.

Did we mention that we survive on interesting discussions and conversations?

Drop in to our office and spend a day with us. We’d happily chat over a cup of freshly brewed coffee and share the awesome projects that are Sparklin! :D

We’re Sparklin. And you’re amazin.

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About the Author:

Himanshu Khanna is the founder of Pixelonomics and a senior designer at Sparklin. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @SparklinGuy

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