Skyfall disappointed me

Skyfall disappointed me

Skyfall disappointed me

Mr. Mendes, Skyfall disappointed me. Really!

Don’t get me wrong. I am back to being a bond fan, thanks to this outing.

Actually that’s what triggered me.

“Beauty is in the details” and you prove that with Skyfall. Well, almost.

When one scores with every frame, every dialogue and expression, it’s a little disheartening to notice a fumble. If it’s almost perfect, it better be perfect!

Almost perfect

P.S. Unless you love spoilers, words ahead are not for you!

It had just the right mix! Story, screenplay, character build-up, locations… I’m sure you don’t want me to sing praises now.

Cinematography was like experiencing a painting a frame. The masterstroke, of course was Javier Bardem as Silva.

If one has to list details and references, it’ll take more posts than one. Roping in Tom Fords to style 007, getting a Beretta to heat up a romantic encounter or driving the Aston Martin DB5, perfect reference to the classic bond films.

What went wrong?

As some of you might notice, the setting was almost perfect with such a great level of detailing. Not to miss the soulful Adele.

But they almost missed one.

Doesn’t matter who’s responsible Mr. Mendes, you’re the pilot here.

Skyfall has such an interesting usage of typography. But then, they screwed it with such a medicore usage of typography with titles. I mean, really? Our classy, sauve, DB5-driving bond deserves such a common and irrelevant choice of typeface… can’t believe it.

Copperplate Gothic …

skyfall typeface

Created for reference, in absence of actual screenshot

Notice the typeface for ‘Macau’?

I guess only a few would understand the mistake. But to me, it was like watching a movie based on a rockstar’s life where the protagonist can’t even hold the guitar properly. Get the point?

Perfection deserves no loose ends. Not even the ones most of us won’t notice.

How does it matter?

Glad you asked.

Though it deserves a dedicated post (hopefully in future), let me just say that it makes a difference in ways more than one.

The difference a pinch of salt (or absence) may make to your food!

For the curious ones, must check Woody Allen’s love for this one specific typeface. He’s almost followed it religiously.

Till next dedicated post on this topic, we need to rest the topic, not the case.

I, with my Sparklin family members, really enjoyed the film.

Though how I wish it was just perfect. Nevermind!

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About the Author:

Himanshu Khanna is the founder of Pixelonomics and a senior designer at Sparklin. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @SparklinGuy

  • arzvi

    Any famous follow ups from Casino Royale and Quantum and what typeface was used in those movies? 

    I love what was aptly used in Mummy/Superbad and my fav AVP for a few. 

    You know, you should do a best of – take 10 movies that have best/10 of the worst(atleast 5)!! would make a great read. 
    Glad you enjoyed the movie, yet to be released in you-yes-yae!! 

    • Himanshu Khanna

      Thanks Arun. Great suggestion. Shall do it soon!

  • Swapna Modi

    nice designed…blog liked it so much …..

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