She Shoulda Shibue – Get it now?

She Shoulda Shibue - Get it now?

She Shoulda Shibue – Get it now?

ALERT! ATTENTION! and everything else that can grab your consideration towards the new talk of the town – The Strapless Panties!

Still thinking about Miley Cyrus’s skimpy dress at the recent awards? Well, have a look here miss and mister! Jenny Beuttner, a fashion designer has something even more admirably tight in-stored for you! I can now modestly announce to all my model friends, your worry about those creepy panty lines while your fashion shows should be meeting its happy ending. Beuttner has formed a remedy called, as I have already quoted, Strapless Panties!

What’s there to nag about it right? You already have G strings and Thong! Bitch Please! Listen this up.

The designer has managed to create an even more skimpier undergarment for you. Forget the thongs and G-strings for a minute now and read the words – Shibue Strapless Panty. Hahaha! I am still amused and confused. I am still writing about it like a maniac. But hey it’s good right?!?

After gracing the Salon de la Lingerie Runway in Paris, Shibue Strapless Panties have become the undergarment of choice for models at a lot many Fashion Shows like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, where this couture is supported by Hugo Boss, Katie Stern by Venexiana, and the Hervé Léger by Max Azria Fall 2014 Runway Show. Damn, it is already a hit! I wonder how many Indian models have already pre-booked it? Tagging this situation, I can mock by saying finally I agree with Superman, an undergarment can save your life.

How did Beuttner get this idea?

Well, how many of us get such rescue ideas while walking down the aisle as bridesmaid? Damn, creative people like Buttner do. She was at her sister’s wedding when she felt uncomfortable with her panty line being showed off. And hence, this talented and innovative designer gave birth to the idea of Shibue Strapless Panty.

What exactly is this undergarment meant to do?

It is meant to protect girls and women from absurd wardrobe malfunctions.

Ok, Britney and Miley, next time don’t try flaunting your panty line at a fashion show! Please!

These laser-cut panties look a bit like a giant Band-Aid (metaphorically only)

These laser-cut panties look a bit like a giant Band-Aid (metaphorically only)

How to support them?

Easy. Imagine you are Eve and you have just eaten the forbidden apple. These laser-cut panties look a bit like a giant Band-Aid (metaphorically only) with a strip of silicon adhesive at the front and the back, where the waistband would be located normally. They’re washable and reusable, with a cotton liner. They eliminate the panty line entirely, and if you’re prone to wearing flank-revealing sheer dresses, they eliminate the doubt of malfunctioning of wardrobe too. Blah!

Beuttner quoted to GlobeNewsWire, “Fashion Week used to feel like a dream to us, but we knew we had the product that designers didn’t even know they were missing”. She also adds, “Now their couture will look flawless and the models will feel comfortable without having to risk baring it all for fashion’s sake.”

So, hell ya! Models and fashion conscious ladies, (also, Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra), Book your Shibue Strapless Panty today, else remember you are not Superman!

Source: If It’s Hip It’s Here

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  • hephail

    This coming to India? Dream on :P I still feel this thing could have been designed better. It doesn’t look as sexy as say the G or the T. Looks matter too.

    • Rajkumar Santoshi

      I think anything that uses adhesive to stick to your body is not sexy.

    • Sahiba Singh

      I agree looks matter.. but now the trouble of those terrible wardrobe malfunctions can be subdued to an extend for many models and celebs who are ready to flaunt their asses. :)

      • hephail

        Exactly, especially if it has the designer’s logo.

  • David

    Women are getting more and more naked day after day but for who really? because I still love a woman with class, not trying to compete with the club strippers.

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