School kids learn english by correcting celebrities on twitter

School kids learn english by correcting celebrities on twitter

School kids learn english by correcting celebrities on twitter

Dear Charlie Sheen, I am a 9 year old school student. Huge fan, but let’s get to the point here. You don’t spell brain as “brane”, its b.r.a.i.n. Next time around use your brain. Your show is great.

Boy’s not being cheeky, he’s learning English as part of Celeb Grammar Cops.

That’s how school kids are learning English at Red Balloon School, Brazil. Kids are quite quick at pointing mistakes. Also, in this school they do so in style. Correcting English of their favorite and admired celebrities, they gradually are making the celebrities aware of the atrocities they are upto, on Twitter.

“Celebrities are regarded and looked upon. They are idols for these kids. Not concerned about the stature of the person tweeting but to the cardinality of the issue, these kids are heading the right way”, opines, Andrea Baena Coordinator for University of Cambridge examinations in Brazil.

We hope John is learning!

We hope John is learning!

“I think main point of social media is how fast it is… But by being fast they are not really worried about their accuracy, they are more worried about their message,” Andrea Baena, a teacher at the school, says in the video.

No matter what, these kids are for sure acting as a catalyst for a social change. Till now, kids have flattered everyone on social media but no celebrity has replied to any of the tweets. Guess the celebrities took it to their heart and have started taking grammar and spelling classes (all pun in the world, intended).

Which twitter celebrity would be your choice to correct his/her english?

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