Say Hello to a new Scientific Typeface

Say Hello to a new Scientific Typeface

Say Hello to a new Scientific Typeface

What do you do when you have to make a college project? Or let me put it this way, do you crack your head hard enough to make your project to be so marvellous that it hits the millions in the world? I didn’t actually and I suppose majority of us don’t bother much about a college project. All we do sometimes (no offence) is CUT COPY & PASTE!

But sometimes we have geniuses around. No, I am not talking about someone like Edison but the new age innovator like Khyati Trehan. This design student started a small college project, ‘The Beauty of Scientific Diagrams‘, which soon turned out to be a great innovation in the field of design as well as science. She bought alive the history’s 26 prominent inventors in an exclusive alphabetical series.

Nothing is different about alphabets. We all have read them and learnt them by heart in our kindergarten days. But what makes Trehan’s alphabetical series special is the fact that each alphabet depicts the initials of a historic inventor and also highlight their significant invention. For example, E denotes a phonograph which was invented by Einstein. This project depicts the glory of scientific inventions and inventors in a very uncommon way making the past glory relive in the new age.

E denotes a phonograph which was invented by Einstein

E denotes a phonograph which was invented by Einstein

This kind of variation in the alphabets can soon be a very attractive section for the geeks and science nerds. Trehan posted a book length description about the formation and conceptualization of every alphabet she has created to let the world know how creativity and science make wonders together.

If you like what this girl has designed you can buy the print of a single alphabet or the entire alphabetical series starting at just $20! Though her thoughts about making the new typeface asa usable font is uncertain and unclear, we do know that each alphabet speaks loud about the young talent’s creative ideas.

How do you intend to use this typeface in your work? Does Khyati’s project inspire you ?

Complete scientific typeface by Khyati Trehan

Complete scientific typeface by Khyati Trehan

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