Santa gets a new assistant – Apple iPhone Siri Ad

Santa gets a new assistant - Apple iPhone Siri Ad

Santa gets a new assistant - Apple iPhone Siri Ad

Remember the first ad of Apple iPhone 4S that featured Siri?

Ever since Apple started advertising their products in 1970s, they have hardly failed to enchant their audience. Feel free to correct me here, if you may.

And they do it again! This Christmas, Santa gets a new assistant – Apple iPhone’s Siri.

What’s the ad about?

Starting with Siri’s welcome message – “What can I help you with?”, the advertisement features Santa asking Siri, the way to Charlie’s house. Siri even reads a message from Mrs. Claus to Santa. The best answer from Siri is reserved for the end of the advertisement and this post.


This is fun! Simple, vibrant and effective.

Monis Manzoor of Only Gizmos feels the ad is amazing – “No one would have thought that Santa could use Siri. This is truly an innovation in the field of technology (winks). Apple has redefined the industry of Advertisement with their short and meaningful Ads.”

Deepikah Arora, a regular author at Pixelonomics and design head at Sparklin has more to add – “Santa commercials have been done to death. But no one ever imagined to make Santa’s life easier by giving him an assistant!”

I love the ad too. Best bit of the ad for me was when Siri informs Santa of his 3.7 billion appointments. With little over 7 billion people in the world, that’s more than more than half the world!

View the iPhone Siri Santa ad here:

How do you like this ad?

We’re waiting to hear from you in the comments below.

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