Runpee – Perfect your pee breaks!


Runpee- Perfect for Pee Breaks

With the Fifa World Cup coming to an end, everyone will again start flocking to movie theatres for entertainment. The worst part for a movie goer is the high ticket prices. On a weekend, the prices are sky-rocketing and it is important that you see every bit of the movie as missing anything would be a costly affair.

The trouble begins when you drink too much of that Diet Coke. In the beginning, while you watching those trailers, you get that sinking feeling. As the Coke works its way down your bladder, you check your watch and realize that you have to sit here for another two hours before going pee-pee! The sound of waterfalls and rivers in the background are making things difficult, but you can’t miss any part of the movie, so you stay put. Unless, you have downloaded the Runpee app on your smart-phone.

The app is a must have for a movie goer and tells you the best times to make a run for the bathroom during a movie without missing any important plot points or scenes.

Dan Florio is the developer of Runpee and he along with his family, go and watch every major release on weekends. With stopwatches and notepads in hand, they take notes and use the data for Runpee to help people with small bladder enjoy the film. Noble isn’t it?

As for the app, it is definitely useful and the content is priceless. It’s easy to operate as well. All you have to do is search for the movie, read the suggested peetime summary and start the timer at the instructed moment. When the timer hits the peetime, your phone will vibrate and you can quickly go and relieve yourself.


Runpee iOS app inteface

Additionally, the app also pulls information from IMDb and scores from RottenTomatoes, and lets you connect with Facebook and Twitter.

At Rs 60, the Runpee app will definitely be your best movie-going investment. You can now go for that large jumbo Coke and hit the bathroom during the show without missing on the plot. The app will make sure you do not miss out on any of the action, violence, love, plot twists, or scandals. For a quick walkthrough, you can visit Runpee’s homepage as well.

Runpee is available for both iOS and Android.

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