Rules and Guidelines for FIFA World Cup 2014 Uniforms

Rules and Guidelines for FIFA World Cup 2014 Uniforms

Rules and Guidelines for FIFA World Cup 2014 Uniforms

Crazy Fifa World Cup 2014 Uniform facts

Football being one of the most aggressive games is bound to come under a lot of rules and regulations. Some of these rules might not even make sense. The fact that FIFA places guidelines for team uniforms is one of them. We compiled some of these crazy World Cup uniform guidelines that every team has to follow.

Font Stroke Width

Its one thing to place a limit on the size of the player’s number, but FIFA takes this to a whole new level when they specifically asks the team to limit the numbers stroke width between 3 millimetres and 5 millimetres! Not too thick, and too thin.

Fifa Uniforms Font Stroke Width

Fifa Uniforms Font Stroke Width

Non-Playing Staff Sweatsuits

If you thought that players are the only ones who have to follow these rules, you’re wrong. Everyone from the coaching staff to subs have to adhere to these guidelines. If their clothing’s are also branded with the sponsor logos, its placement will also come under the scrutiny of FIFA. If the logo sits at the back, it must be centred. If they are placed on the sides, they cannot be wider than 8cm.

Colour Limitations

Apparently, FIFA also has a problem with too many colours on the uniform. They have specifically asked the teams to limit the uniform to four colours, with one being the dominant. Also, none of them must be reflective, or colour changing.

Logo Designs

Soccer being one of the most popular sports in the world is also one of the most heavily branded games. During the World Cup, FIFA not only puts limitations on the placement of logos, they also keep a tab on the design of the logos these sponsors put on the uniform. Every logo design has to be approved by FIFA before it is placed on the uniform.

Uniforms at play - Fifa

Uniforms at play – Fifa

Align those Shoulder Logos

With the World Cup being filmed from every possible corner, it’s completely weird from FIFA to be so uptight about logo alignment. Brands often like to put logos on the kits’ shoulder so that the overhead camera’s can catch a few shots. FIFA has specified that these logos shouldn’t be more than 8 centimetres in width and must be aligned in such a way that when viewed from above, they must look centred and symmetrical.

When did soccer players start wearing a Hat?

Agreed, our soccer knowledge is limited, but even after extensive research and consultations with people who are diehard fans, we could not confirm if baseball hats were ever a part of the uniform. So when FIFA placed a restriction on the size of the logo on these hats, we had our eyes rolling.

So that’s it, these were some of the crazy FIFA World Cup rules that every team has to follow. Oh, wait, just in case you thought that these are just random guidelines and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, here’s another fact; in 2006, FIFA actually went ahead and fined Cameroon national team for wearing a one piece uniform. They also knocked off a point, hurting whatever chance they had in the tournament! So you better follow these crazy guidelines!

Image courtesy: Nike

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