Reimaging the archaic Shipping Container as a rebrandable Hotel – Jenga Game style

Reimaging the archaic Shipping Container as a rebrandable Hotel - Jenga Game style

Reimaging the archaic Shipping Container as a rebrandable Hotel – Jenga Game style

You’ve probably heard or seen images of that starbucks built inside a shipping container hovering over your facebook feed. Well some designers, who I presume just discovered LSD, took that idea and literally built a hotel around it. The concept, coming directly from the minds of Rush Hour 3 producers, Hong Kong based architects OVA studio, is loosely (entirely) based on a popular game called Jenga. Don’t search for it on your phones kids, it’s not an app. Wait, let me check, Holy mother of Vivek Oberoi, there’s a Jenga app!

  1. The Hive-Inn, pictured above, is designed to be made of recycled shipping containers, which will be then painted and transformed into showrooms and high-end luxury retail outlets.
  2. Its modular design would allow for rooms to be traded in and out without disturbing the surrounding containers, because of its ‘hive-like’ structure.
  3. Hong Kong-based architects OVA Studio said its concept could offer lots of advertising opportunities, although there are no plans to build the hotel yet.
  4. The design could also be adapted for emergency housing or medical care units as well as portable homes.

The architects explained that the idea for their concept hotel ‘lies in the idea of maximum flexibility and mobility, a trend that is embodied in our modern way of life’.

A container imagined by a car company could feature team colours

A container imagined by a car company could feature team colours

A container designed by a fashion brand might include decor echoing popular designs, while one imagined by a car company (such as the concept pictured), could feature team colours and even a modified car as a piece of furniture.

Just like the game Jenga, the shipping containers can be inserted or taken out of the stacked and staggered tower with ease. A metal grid structure, however, would ensure that unlike Jenga, the tower would not topple over. The flexibility and mobility of the design also presents an interesting and highly visual branding opportunity, in which major brands, such as Ferrari, can sponsor the design and development of a differently themed shipping container hotel room. The Hive-Inn could then generate brand buzz by advertising limited edition shipping container rooms that would travel from city to city.

Modular approach to Hive Inn

Modular approach to Hive Inn

Here, the modular approach to the structure is explained. Pre-decorated containers could be slotted into the metal frame and connected to hotel infrastructure so they could have access to water as well as stairs.

The concept, which seems like it was originally designed to provide illegal chinese immigrants a memorable stay, is more novelty than anything pragmatic at the moment but who knows, if executed properly might just be the beginning of humanity’s descend into shipping containers (sounds like a horrible Will Smith movie).

Personally, it seems like a brilliant idea on the surface, tailor built for people with delusions of grandeur. As for any application in real life, say in developing or underdeveloped countries, once you factor various costs like local permitting, transporting and setting up a container, welding the entire thing, plumbing, flooring and insulation, the price per square foot would cost you approximately the same as it would for a conventional house. All that considering you got the container for free.

So whats your opinion, if you had an option between living in a conventional home and a shipping container, repurposed to function like a house? What would you choose and why?

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