Quick thoughts on OLX web and mobile

Quick thoughts on OLX web and mobile

Quick thoughts on OLX web and mobile

When we think of OLX, it reminds us of the fact that we can put anything on the website. As they call it, free classifieds and if they’re luring enough, they will be sold in minutes. In fact the process is very simple, OLX doesn’t even need you to login or be a member of the service to post anything. All you need to do is, go to the site, create your own ad for free and boom!, your post is live within minutes. Once live, people around the world can checkout your post and contact you considering you have provided contact details for it. Although there are not many ways to know the authenticity of the product, success rate seems to be pretty high when it comes to purchasing stuff off OLX. However, beware of all the frauds who claim to sell you devices as mentioned on the site but fail to provide you with the same. Recently, one of my friends got lucky enough to find out a mobile phone for himself for as low as 3K INR when he was in an immediate need.

Now folks at OLX have brought their awesomeness on mobile application which is available for both iOS and Android. We were plunged to check out about the design aesthetics and functionality, which the application offers. We tested out the OLX Android app! Although the app on both platforms possesses subtle differences. The interface is very minimal, so you won’t be puzzled once you have opened the app for the first time. On the main interface itself, a search bar would always be waiting for you to enter the things that matter to you the most. However, the chances are that you would be tapping on those beautiful colourful buttons, which define the most prominent categories.

If you want to post something, you don’t need to look up anywhere, a button on top right with green colour would be waiting for you to tap. In fact, selecting the location is as easy as posting something and important as well. If the location has been selected already, only stuff that is relevant to you from that location would be presented. Things would become lot more simpler than you have ever expected.

We liked the way OLX application has been designed. It’s based on simplicity, yet includes many functionalities. But we think it’s immensely basic right now. If next version of the application could come up with a more customized interface or perhaps an entirely new one, we would prefer using it on my mobile more often. There are features like ‘Around me’ that let you search stuff in your vicinity and make it stand away from the crowd.

Have you tried the application already? Shout out your thoughts in the comments section.

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