Latte and you, a new dimension in coffee art

New dimension in coffee art

New dimension in coffee art

When you think of coffee, Starbucks is a place where you would want to enjoy your grounded beans as  a Starbucks’ visit is often an experience in itself. An experience which involves an ethereal ambience and a personalized coffee mug which has your name scribbled over it, giving you an intrinsic ownership of that mug. (ownership gone wrong)

If you think you can find better experience than that, you should visit the “Let’s Café”. Surpassing latte art, the Taiwanese coffee house is printing your photos on your coffee, taking coffee art to a whole new level.  Where the customers walks in and hands-over their pictures along with their order only to find lovely artistic representations of their pictures in the coffee mug. The café uses foam and cocoa powder to great effect creating visuals that are truly stunning.

We have seen some prodigious works in the past with foam and cocoa powder but none like this. Even outshining graphics, where we have come across 3D art works with coffee; astonishing nevertheless, but Let’s Café innovative tactic is another great leap when it comes to coffee art and is sure  to make some heads turn and wallets burn.

For most of us coffee has always been more than just a drink; it goes deep down the psyche of an avid coffee drinker. It connects people, thoughts and ideas (resolving plenty of problems with caffeine). Coffee love often goes so much beyond just enjoying coffee for some people; for some, coffee is the motivation for their artistic zeal, for a few others it is the nectar without which they are never as productive as with it. This makes it crucial for café houses to make sure the experience is as personal as it can get. Just like your scribbled name over a coffee mug and a smiling attendant can make your day at Starbucks, to imagining how your photo adds a personalized touch to the coffee you are sipping.

Needless to say, it is a great opportunity for bf/gf’s to impress their better halves.

From the perspective of Branding,  Let’s café experiential and personalized coffees are an experience unlike none other, helping create unique memories. If you ask me if i think it is a great idea; just for the record, it scores 8 out of 10 for me.

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