Fashion Student turns her disease into Fashion power – Julia Wollner

Fashion Student turns her disease into Fashion power - Julia Wollner

Fashion Student turns her disease into Fashion power – Julia Wollner

When I read the lines ‘Never give up, have the passion. Don’t be afraid.’ by Barbara Brocolli, every task for me becomes a challenge to finish till the end, with perfection. Believing in the same ideology, I came across this girl named Julia Wollner. She is a young fashion designer who graduated from the Pratt Institute in 2014 and left a mark in the hearts and minds of thousand of people who came to the final graduation Fashion Show.

Her phenomenal designs garnered appreciation from not just the Pratt Institute teachers and students but from all the people present to witness the final show. She was amazed and shocked at the same time, when her collection was declared as the winner and she was rewarded with $25000. The never-say-die attitude of the girl got her a long way in her struggle to fight Bell’s Palsy, a nerve disorder that causes facial paralysis.

She spoke to about her designs, ‘The exercises had all these faces on them like, smile or raise your eyebrows five times a day, so I turned them into prints.’ She adds that all her designs are influenced and inspired by her disease and her fight against it for the past two years. I personally feel really inspired reading about her and her work.

While going through various news reports about the wonder girl, I felt my heart reaching out to her and her illness that didn’t just make her strong but gave her a new direction for her designs. She is a hero to me and maybe, to many other girls who think social factors or their physical disorders can be a hinderance to their lives. My instant reaction to the article about the achievement of Wollner, ‘Damn she nailed it and nailed it hard’. Her use of material which was not easy to walk in for the models helped each model to understand how the young fashion diva felt in the days when her face had no expression. Each design was not just a design but a way to express the hard life one goes through and the determination one needs to have achieve the goal towards their passion.

The next time you feel disheartened about not being able to be the perfect just read through her story and get in your shoes to do some magic around the world. I am feeling the motivation of working harder to achieve my goals now, are you?

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