A pocket friendly Travel Cup is here to blow your mind!

Pocket friendly Travel Cup

Pocket friendly Travel Cup

Hakuna Matata! Monday is here and I am holding my coffee in a travel cup tight in my hand. Yes, I can’t afford a tiny drop of it to go away from me. And frankly, coffee isn’t just my drink for the day but also a drink to kill the stress and trauma of a work-day for many.

Taking this trauma killer drink to a next level, three young men in America have created a unique travel cup called Smash Cup! OMG, yes! Those cups that you and I have in our kitchens just adding extra space in the cupboards – yeah that s***. Just to get your attention a little more towards the innovative and constructive new Travel Cup created by Ben Melinger and his two friends – this Travel Cup can now fit your pocket!

Travel Cup can now fit your pocket!

Travel Cup can now fit your pocket!

This idea of a pocket friendly travel cup came to the minds of these men while they all sat in a coffee shop drinking coffee. And wow, it’s such a nice idea. Now the misery of taking your huge bulky travel mug everywhere you go, even after the coffee is finished can take a back seat.

Drink. Sip. Finish. Fold. In my pocket – That’s exactly how this new travel mug works. Designed to  un-complicate the lives of coffee lovers who are always on a run.

Drink. Sip. Finish. Fold. In my pocket

Drink. Sip. Finish. Fold. In my pocket

How is this travel cup different? Dude, did you read what I wrote? It is easy to fold and keep in your bags, pockets and even wallets (if you have a big one). It is a BPA-free, glue free silicon & plastic mug that becomes like a travel mug when open and meanwhile since is has a feature of no leak it stays inside your pocket safely without hampering the laptop or cards – like a disc.

Smash Cup

Smash Cup

Melinger adds a lot about the creation, “It’s reminiscent of disposable coffee cups.” He also adds that “We were thinking about how many cups we throw away and how there should be some solution we can take with us, but as urban people, the options just weren’t viable,” when asked how this idea struck him and his mates.

So, again, Hakuna Matata! I kind of like this stuff. It can be a rage in the corporate industry where people survive largely on coffee and more coffee! Let me tell my boss about it, maybe he will buy one for all in the office. So, now wait. Let this travel cup come to India and then you’ll see people taking out disc shaped coffee mugs to drink their drinks.

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