Place Lamp – A lamp that can track you!

Place Lamp – A lamp that can track you!

Place Lamp – A lamp that can track you!

Everything is going smart in today’s world. I call it The Smart Revolution- a revolution that is spreading like a virus, with the sole aim to Smartify every inanimate object. It infected our mobile phones first; it took over our cars next and then our watches caught it too. Now it seems even our lamps are turning smart. And these are no ordinary lamps, because they track you, no matter which corner of the world you are in and inform everyone through visuals about your location or status.

Is that even possible?

Seattle based designer Samuel Stubblefield created a cylindrical lamp prototype – christened Place Lamp – that serves as a table-top “availability” display of the user or as a table-top notification display for your smartphone.

The Lamp connects to your smartphone and lets the user set multiple digital geofences around it. These geofences allow the lamp to communicate about the user’s whereabouts via GPS. Place Lamp has a full-colour cylindrical LED bulb fixed in it that connects to an app in the smartphone through WiFi, thus allowing it to keep track of you.

Place lamp glows progressively brighter as you get closer to office.

Place lamp glows progressively brighter as you get closer to office.

A nice visual alternative!

Though it’s GPS and WiFi connectivity the Lamp can be programmed to change its brightness depending on how far from the lamp you are. This means that the lamp glows progressively brighter as you get closer to office. It glows the brightest when it reaches your desk to eventually serve as a table lamp. It automatically turns off when you leaves the desk.

The app also allows customizing what colour the lamp glows based on your activity. It can be set to glow a pleasant green if the user is in office but not at his desk, or red if the user is in the hospital or orange if it detects the user is away in a trip. This is indeed an excellent visual alternative to the typical “out-of-office” or “in-a-meeting” settings.  And so handy too!!

Filtering communication!

You can also configure the Place Lamp to respond to different communications that you receive every day. You can set it glow blue and fade in and out when you receive a call from home or glow a bright red when you receive an urgent mail or a text. In short, you can set it to glow at different colours for a text message, call or an e-mail from a pre-determined contact. You can turn off all other kind of notifications like calendar alerts, vibration alerts, pop ups etc. In effect, this awesome lamp helps you focus solely on your work without worrying about missing important emails, phone calls and text messages. Handy right!



Endless possibilities

Imagine what the lamp can be capable of! Everyone at work will know, just by looking at your Lamp, if you are running late to work or in a meeting. They won’t have to call you incessantly while you are rushing your car through traffic to get to office. This Lamp will also come in handy during emergency scenarios. It can also aid people who are deaf by programming the colour of the lamp glow. Hospitals can find varied applications through this lamp.

Now, whether you see the lamp as a helpful device that makes your life easy and lets you focus on the task at hand or act like a nut and frame a conspiracy theory that this is just one more window for the FBI/CIA to keep track- it’s entirely up to you.

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