He created the dent – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - 1955-2011

To call him the ‘Father of Modern Day Technology’ would be no exaggeration. His passion, determination, perseverance, stubbornness, belief and courage, made him a visionary, a leader, a game-changer. His dream to change the world has been achieved by many folds.


An Innovative Digital Campaign – The Coolest Job

An Innovative Digital Campaign - The Coolest Job

There would be very little chance that you wouldn’t have heard of “The Coolest Job” campaign. Leading newspapers and magazines like Times of India and India Today have carried the ads and most radio stations are talking about it on air.


The attitude for succeeding at anything new

The attitude for succeeding at anything new

An attempt to describe an essential state of mind which is necessary for the success of anything ‘NEW’. This mindset is most relevant, as these four components are critical to the success of something ‘NEW’.

It is extremely important to have a balance of openness, to iterative learning and being naive. Don’t be too emotionally attached to your idea as that might take away crucial opportunities for you to find the right model.


Design is not just an option

Design is not just an option

Either there is design, or chaos. As humans we don’t like chaos, unless bringing form and design out of chaos is your task. Yet we see so many startups putting design in the “do it later when we can afford it!” list. So can your startup afford to lose and/or piss off users? Or better, can your startup afford to confuse users?


Introducing India’s mobile-only Internet generation – an infographic


A study by Opera Software – in association with the UK-based mobile research agency On Device Research, talks about India’s mobile-only Internet generation. It is astonishing to note that almost half of the people accessing mobile internet in India, have either never or infrequently, accessed the internet via a computer. Why do mobile users in India access the internet?


Event: Want to be a CEO this weekend?

Want to be a CEO this weekend?

An intensive weekend program that aims to bring together highly focused and passionate aspiring entrepreneurs from across the country to validate their ideas, build teams and build products all in a weekend.

The program promises mix of developers, designers, marketers and startup enthusiasts and mentors working together to bring an idea into life.

So guys, Stop sketching and start building.

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