Ogilvy Brazil creates Kiwigerine, Bananaberry, and Pinegrape for Philips. Tempted?

Fruits mashup

Fruits mashup

Fruity innovations, “Ogilvy Brazil to comes up with their own fruits.”

Yes, you read it right. Ogilvy Brazil with the help of Clecia Ribeiro, a molecular gastronomist went not -quite-the-natural way and created exotic flavors of fruit. Ogilvy Brazil went the AIDA way in launching Philips new Walita Avance blender.

With 3 months of research, Ogilvy gained attention by coming up with new and exotic fruits like Kiwigerine, Bananaberry, and Pinegrape. Sounds yumm!! Doesn’t it??





Fruits in the market

The names in itself drew crowds. Fruits were put up on for sale in Sao Paulo market, and they generated immediate interest and forced people to give it a try.

Curious to know as to where on earth does these fruits grow, muddled crowd wanted to know more. That was when the promoter stepped in pulled out a drawer and hands over a leaflet; introducing the Philips Walita Avance blender.

Reactions to the new fruits

Reactions to the new fruits

Ogilvy definitely deserves a pat on the back for this. Their 3 months of dedicated effort paid off with Philips – giving Philips customers an amazing Brand experience something unique and interactive that most brands craves for.

View the reactions at Sao Paulo market

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