Nuubo’s healthy clothing range

Nuubo's healthy clothing range

Nuubo’s healthy clothing range

Now-a-days everywhere some kind of app is being developed. If not a full fledged app but an idea of designing and developing an app is foresighted. A few people in my office too always make conceptualize an idea for a random app and decide to take it all the way. But today when I look into the world of apps, I somewhere feel that a revolution has taken place in the field of Application Development.

A Spain based company – Nuubo, has taken a new step in fashion and app development by creating some intelligent clothing range. This isn’t any clothing form but a new and more health cautious form of clothing.

Nuubo has created some intelligent clothing range

Nuubo has created some intelligent clothing range

What is Nuubo’s app all about?

Well, Nuubo’s app monitors your heart! It is a kind of nECG Platform to keep a check on the cardiac monitoring. The app was born in the spring of 2014 and is now advancing towards further expansion and development.

What is the purpose of Nuubo’s app?

Nuubo’s app will help you reduce your cost of your medicals! Great, isn’t it? It’ll help you sync your time, money and health together. Nuubo has three steps in place for the users:-

  1. nECG Shirt with BlendFix textile electrodes which capture the patient’s ECG signal
  2. Wireless receptor nECG Minder, which registers information captured by the T-shirt and other parameters which are sent via Bluetooth.
  3. nECG Suite which visualises and analyses software which manages the information registered and transmitted by the nECG Minder, and which contextualises it by generating reports and advanced analysis

These wearables are a must for the people to want to keep a check on  their health and heart issues. Keeping healthy isn’t a small span of time now. Clothing can enhance the health cautious people a kick ass start. Already given a name of ‘Life Vests’ surely Nuubo can take new heights. So, waiting for this clothing amazingly. Never thought a little gadget inside your vest can do some many wonders.

Nuubo's app will help you reduce your cost of your medicals!

Nuubo’s app will help you reduce your cost of your medicals!

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