Nokia Asha with dedicated Whatsapp Button

Nokia Asha with dedicated Whatsapp Button

Nokia Asha with dedicated Whatsapp Button

Whatsapp is big. Period. For those of you who have been living under the rock, few facts and figures to set the  record straight. Whatsapp processed 18 billion messages on the New Year’s Eve 2013 and they are currently rumoured to be in talks for a billion dollar acquisition by Google.

All said and done, Whatsapp is taking ubiquity to a whole new level by creating a product which works cross platforms and yet offers far more possibilities than the traditional SMS. Nokia with its Asha 210 series went the Blackberry route and began offering the phone with a dedicated whatsapp button.

This match of sorts represents the coming of age for Whatsapp which would now be considered competition to iMessage and BBM both of which had been selling points for their specific platforms.

There have been interesting discussion regarding the move, the point remains that Nokia owns the low end market even after facing stiff competition from the low end Android devices.

For the spec junkies amongst you simply head over here to see the actual information about the device from the Nokia Website.

The phone coming in multiple variants of single and dual sim at a price of 75$ makes the use of the whatsapp tie up by offering it for free for life. The catch being whatsapp only costs 1$ /year after the initial trial of one year and then too, we tend to get a free extension on most of our devices. How exciting this offer turns out for the end something that would still needs to be seen. But interesting experiments make it all the more fun.

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