No Hangover Beer. Bring it on!

No Hangover Beer. Bring it on!

No Hangover Beer. Bring it on!

Beer on a weekday is difficult to say yes to. And the point in question is the very next day hangover blues. You wait for the entire week to get that S & S (Saturday & Sunday).

Say cheers to Australian scientists who have invented a beer that liberates you from those weekend-bound beer plans. The cardinal reason behind the hangover, they say, is Dehydration. This beer contains added nutrients and electrolytes which are present in sports drinks to overcome those dehydration problems. You would expect a change in taste of a beer, but adding electrolytes that were added did not alter the taste of the beer.

Long known as a beverage that contains positive nutrients resulting from its plant origins and fermentation process, this beer comes out as a reason to celebrate (on a weekday, with beer). As reported by the Huffington Post, Ben Desbrow, an associate professor at Griffith University’s Health Institute, who spearheaded the study, said:

“Of the four different beers the subjects consumed, our augmented light beer was by far the most well retained by the body, meaning it was the most effective at rehydrating the subjects” (Subjects here mean people).

The researchers warned people not to drink beer after strenuous exercise. Having beer in already dehydrated body can have all forms of backlash inside the body.

We are gung-ho about this no-hangover beer. Are you?

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