An app that nags like a wife – NeverLate

NeverLate - an iPhone app that promises to prevent you from getting late

NeverLate – an iPhone app that promises to prevent you from getting late

Imagine a machine that nags like a wife and is after your life to do what needs to be done. Before we run around screaming that the machines have taken over, let me be more specific – it’s just an app for now, lazy couch potatoes.

Loves to get on your nerves

NeverLate, a proactive iPhone app that works in a unique way. Rather than informing you about the time to go for meeting, it gets on your nerves and pings you to leave. It even allows your calendar to cross reference the traffic report, tells you exactly where that small truck broke down, where the road is under construction and what’s the best time to leave under such circumstances. You get to focus where it’s needed, to getting ready and not delve into traffic reports.

Alminder CEO Max Wheeler explains, “Our goal is to make the app as passive as we can”. Getting hassle free results with minimum data input is what the app is great at. Though designers would still have a lot to debate about (not one of the best UIs), it works rather well for other people.

Knows your whereabouts

The app is intuitive enough too. Using the app for a week revealed that it recognizes your home and your work location. It automatically generates a pattern created by the user and predicts the departure for the locations giving an estimated time for the drive. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

More like Google Now

Yes, they are quite similar in the service aspect. Both tell us what to do, when to do. But here’s the difference, Google Now waves at you, time’s up, you’re about to get late. NeverLate seems more like a wife, who would continuously nag, each time reminding you of everything that needs to be done.

After the initial honeymoon period, it becomes nothing but a reminder that reminds you that – you’re late! Okay fine I get it. It might as well tell me to not eat this, not wear that, come out of the shower. Stop being a no-nonsense spouse.

Personally, I would hate to own this kind of an app. I meant it is just  a technologically driven box, so stop driving me crazy. Are you up for owning this app of a wife?

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