Minimal movies posters using a circle, a square and two diagonals

Minimal movie poster for Superman

Minimal movie poster for Superman

One of the challenges of design education is to explain the concept of ‘Simplification’ or creation of Minimal Design. In principle, it involves usage of essential elements, getting rid of every unnecessary element from the design. It also involves limiting the total number of elements and colors used in the design.

As a design mentor, I am always on a lookout for interesting exercises to explain the concept. Michal Krasnopolski just helped the cause. He has created a set of Minimal movie posters using a circle, a square and two diagonals. It’s surprising to see how many posters could be created using this method.



Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

Could you imagine just a diagonal stroke representing Superman? Krasnopolski has used such simple elements used to dish out 22 fresh minimal poster designs.

Such brilliant exercises reinstate the fact that design can be interesting, fun and educating at the same time. Do you like these posters?

What are the other design exercises that you like?

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  • Diwanshu

    Minimal design! pretty good.

  • Jacoff

    I hate the using minimalism like this! This is not the minimalism, this is just f*cking the minimalism! I hate this shit.

  • тση®

    Coll <3

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