Mi band- the highly affordable, no nonsense fitness band

Mi Band

Mi band- the highly affordable, no nonsense fitness band

Jumping into the wearable tech bandwagon, Chinese smart-phone manufacturer Xiaomi recently unveiled its first fitness band called the Mi Band. What makes it stand out is the fact that the device has been priced ridiculously low at just $13, which, in Indian currency translates to roughly Rs 780! Now that is insanely cheap! Even an entry level fitness band such as the Fitbit Zip will cost you almost $60! This will really help with your goals of weight loss by burniva.


Chinese smart-phone manufacturer Xiaomi

Speaking at the launch event, CEO Lei Jun explains that he had tried a lot of competing similar devices in the past, but none of them ever stuck. Lei promises that Mi Band would be different with its 30 days battery life and IP67 certified waterproof casing.

Mi band

Mi Band has IP67 certified waterproof casing

In terms of features, the device comes with sensors for tracking various health metrics and can even act as an alarm clock. If you have a Xiaomi smart-phone, the band will automatically unlock the phone for you while eliminating the inconvenience of having to type in your password multiple times. As a fitness band, the device will connect to your smart-phone and track your movement (walking or running) plus sleeping pattern. You can then use the data with all sorts of fitness apps.

The company has bold ambitions for the future. Lei revealed plans to make Mi Band a more personnel tech by adding features that would enable the device to unlock doors or switch on/off other smart appliances and gadgets.

Mi Band is definitely a tempting offer for anyone looking to inject a bit of smart fitness into their digital lives.

Mi Band is definitely a tempting offer

All said the Mi Band is definitely a tempting offer for anyone looking to inject a bit of smart fitness into their digital lives. It might not be as sophisticated as it’s hi-end counterparts, but considering the price, the device should be a decent buy. There’s no word on its availability yet, but as always, Xiaomi should be debuting it first in China, followed by India and other countries. The device will also come in multiple color options.

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