Meet the Agency – SuperSike Games, New Delhi

Meet the Agency - SuperSike Games, New Delhi

Meet the Agency – SuperSike Games, New Delhi

For the uninitiated, Pixelonomics has a new regular – MTA, Meet the Agency. For long we wondered if the people behind a certain design should be known or not. Irrespective of that, we would like them to be known.

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When it comes to design, the field isn’t just restricted to visuals. Today, we have a word with Supersike Games. Based in New Delhi, Supersike Games is an independent Game Studio started in Jan, 2013 by Amit Goyal and G. Arjun. Each one of us has been exposed to games since our childhood and here at SSG, they aim to create and design games which are thrilling and enjoyable to kill the boring hours of one’s life.

The co-founders of Supersike Games never had a clue on how to go about making games, all they ever shared was the love to play them. They design games for various mobile platforms – iOS, Android and Windows 8 mobile. While having a chat with Amit Goyal, we discovered a few interesting facts about a Game Studio and its working atmosphere.

From their first game ‘Yet Another Bird Game’ to their recent release ‘Go Kane’, this startup has come a long way in terms of success and talent. Being a writer himself, interviewing Amit Goyal was really comfortable and pleasing.

Folks from SuperSike Games at their New Delhi studio

Folks from SuperSike Games at their New Delhi studio

The QnA Session

Q1. Why did you start Supersike Games? We’re already counting ‘making money’ as a strong reason. What are the others?

We started SuperSike Games because both Arjun and me were (and are) crazy about video games, and wanted to do something in that field. We slowly built up a concept of our first game (for the mobile platforms), which took some time because of our then day jobs and our complete lack of experience in game development.

Once we were ready with the idea, though, we decided to take the plunge and start SuperSike Games. ‘Making Money’ was never a reason to start SuperSike Games, and I don’t recommend any one to start up if making money is the highest priority. You can make a lot of money rising through the ranks of a great company, and with a lot less pain.

Q2.Which are the factors that constitute a good design in your perspective?

Design that creates positive human emotion is, in my opinion, good design. I speak, of course, from the perspective of developing games. In the early stages of designing a game, a very relevant question is how do you want the player to feel while performing various actions that constitute the game. That goes on to define a lot about the game, and some of the most memorable games I have played are those that have created powerful moments, either through narrative or through gameplay.

Q3.How is your startup different from another half a million design startups out there?

SuperSike Games is the only startup I know of which was started by people who knew absolutely nothing about game development. While some people may look at it as a disadvantage, I see it as a huge strength.

We didn’t come in with preconceived notions, and we weren’t governed by any rules that we didn’t question first. Work long enough in any field, and prejudice in some form or the other always creeps in. I believe that the lack of experience is what sets our games apart.

Q4. Which is your favorite Design/Advertising Campaign? Please provide a link, if possible.

I’d point a campaign that was delivered in the form of a game. Some time back, the Australian government wanted to promote responsible and safe behaviour for metro commuters. So they came up with a mobile game called Dumb Ways To Die, where the player was tasked with protecting character from die from decidedly dumb ways (such as getting eaten by a bear, and of course, run over by the metro). The game not only conveyed the message beautifully, but was also appreciated for its simple, casual, yet addictive gameplay.

Q5. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest, where do you think your startup ranks in the following category:

1)     Creativity (8)

2)     Designing (7)

3)     Conceptualization (8)

4)     Execution of the final idea (7)

5)     Deadlines (5… we really need to work on this, and we are)

6)     Uniqueness (10)

7)     Understandability of the designs (7)

8)     Clientage (NA)

Q6. How do you define your company’s key design process?

Prototyping is very critical when it comes to designing games. There is no exact science to game design, and most elements have to be implemented, then tested, then tweaked and then tested again in conjunction with other element till everything feels right together.

At SuperSike, we are trying to incorporate an additional layer to this process which a lot of studios don’t do. Apart from the core game mechanics, we also include the UI design and tutorials from the get go, and tweak them as we move ahead in the process. This allows us to account for all elements as and when they are built, and help us figure the most effective way to communicate with the player.

Q7. Qualification or Talent – what according to you makes for a good design startup fit?

Neither. Qualification can be acquired and talent can be nurtured. The things that matter most are passion and initiative.

Q8. Please share the current and past achievements of your start up?

Our first game, Yet Another Bird Game, was the runner-up in the game development contest organized by the prestigious Square Enix, a Japanese gaming giant. The game also received recognition when it showcased at Casual Connect Asia in Singapore last year.

Q9. What is the future scope of your startup? Do you wish to expand further?

The future, we hope, is bright. We have picked up a lot in the last couple of years, and we have two games in the works which will release in the near future, as well as a massive update for Yet Another Bird Game.

With time we’d like to expand our time to be able to make more games and bigger games.

Q10. How does the startup keep the employees engaged with other non-work activities?

Everyday we spend a little time to play some co-operative multiplayer game together or the other. It’s great for bonding and simultaneously cursing each other for stepping away from the decided strategy.

Q11. What is the one thing that keeps the environment of the office alive?

There are many things that keep the environment in office alive. A lot of coffee. The whole making games bit. Plus we are co-located with another start-up, so there are always enough people to joke around and talk to.

Q12. How do you define the culture at your startup?

The Harlem-shake in the middle of the high stakes poker game in Casino Royale.

Q13. Given a chance, what would be the ending line of the book authored by you?

I have already authored a book. It’s called The Lost Story and its ending line is:

“Saleem turned once more, and walked into the woods”.

Your take?

Do you have any specific questions for Amit Goyal? Would you like another agency, founder interviewed in our future editions?

Please share your thoughts, questions and requests in the comment section below. Alternatively, you may email us as well. Adios!

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