Meet the Agency – Six Inch Nails, Mumbai, Liverpool

Meet the Agency – Six Inch Nails, Mumbai, Liverpool

Meet the Agency – Six Inch Nails, Mumbai, Liverpool

By now, I’m sure you know of MTA, the new regular at Pixelonomics –  Meet the Agency. However, just to be double sure, for long we wondered if the people behind a certain design should be known or not. Irrespective of that, we would like them to be known.

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Every successful startup starts young. But the agency we feature today at MTA started in the mind of a young boy when he was just 13. By now this agency has achieved the height as high as the sky. Established in two countries, Six Inch Nails have actually made the meaning of their name come true.

They nailed many great brands and campaigns under their basket. And today we feel superb in capturing those moments and the agency’s cool tips to make you feel pumped up and inspired. Not to forget that their belief is a strong driving force and with them, talent has no boundaries. So take a back seat and read about the new stars!

The QnA Session

Q1. Why did you start Six Inch Nails? We’re already counting ‘making money’ as a strong reason. What are the others?

Six Inch Nails was started for a few but very strong reasons. ‘Making money’ may be at the top, however, it’s the passion for everything we do and the ambition that backs this adventure we like to call the Six Inch Nails Group. As far as design goes, we focus more on communicating the thought than just ‘representing it graphically’. Our work speaks for itself and that is why I started Six Inch Nails Group.


Q2. Which are the factors that constitute a good design in your perspective?

Creative thought leads to ‘good design’. The design, conveys that ‘awesome thought’ of yours. A complex thought can be communicated much more effectively with a billboard with one word on it, instead of a 30 second commercial.


Q3. How is your startup different from another half a million design startups out there?

What makes us different from everyone else out there is we don’t just ‘do creative work’, we excel in it. My personal business experience in music, live entertainment, publishing, merchandising, and marketing the entire creative team at Six Inch Nails specialized and experienced in what they do – have put us on the map as not just a design start up, but a brand businesses and consumers can trust, relate to and believe in – that’s how the Six Inch Nails Group stands out from the rest.


Q4. What is that one factor that makes your design startup stand out?

Passion – passion for delivering not only creative and design excellence but also the passion for making Six Inch Nails, a globally-advocated brand. We re-inventing enterprise in red and white.


Q5. We’ve been told that design is a struggling field. Which factors influenced your decision to start a design company such a scenario?

It’s the current scenario of design in India that made us want to make a difference. This country has tremendous potential in producing creative and marketing excellence – some of which spews out of our own offices. However, this powerful resource of the country was being wasted by design agencies who do not understand – ‘creative’ or ‘out-of-the-box’. Six Inch Nails WEB is not only an agency loved by 45+ brands from across the world, but also loved by young, energetic, driven individuals from 2 countries who love this brand, the office and everything about it! This comfort created between every aficionado and myself at Six Inch Nails WEB is what gives birth to some of our best design works.


Q6. Do you feel the ‘design’ reimbursement in India is sufficient/fair?

We have undertaken and successfully executed various design and creative projects in India and across the world and after 2 years of experience I can confidently say – there does seem to be a big difference between the industry average creative fees of our home country India and other parts of the world where we have/had our presence such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Canada.


Q7. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest, where do you think your startup ranks in the following category:

If you would really like me to answer this honestly, here it is:

1) Creativity – 11/10

2) Designing – 11/10

3) Conceptualization – 11/10

4) Execution of the final idea – 11/10

5) Deadlines – 11/10

6) Uniqueness 11/10

7) Understandability of the designs – 11/10

8) Clientage 11/10

Don’t take my word for it, talk to our clients they would agree with the above!


Q8. How do you define your company’s key design process?

Before we move on with any mock ups or even the initial design ideas, and after receiving a project brief from the client, we set up a strategy session with the team and the client to discuss the branding goals or the thought they wish to communicate with the campaign. After which, ideas are conceptualized by our strategists which later gets converted into a creative masterpiece. We go through this process at least a dozen times every day and we love it!


Q9. Qualification or Talent – what according to you makes for a good design startup fit?

Talent –  I started the Six Inch Nails brand at 13, now with presence in 2 countries, having worked with 45+ brands across 4 continents and successfully delivered jaw-dropping ROI I can strongly believe that not having a degree, or even completing high school can not stop us from being a globally-loved brand.


Q10. How would a non-design startup differ from a design oriented startup in India? How far do you think the country has progressed in the field of design?

The country has progressed substantially in the field of design in the recent past. India’s transition from hand-painted posters to social media and mobile marketing assets has been radical and we are proud to be a part of it! A non-design start up misses out on the element of buzz that that goes around our offices 24/7.


Q11. Can you tell one key aspect, which every design startup must include when pitching a client.

We have all heard on how the perfect pitch can land you the perfect client – wrong, the perfect work can, and will land you that perfect client. Preparedness is key – when pitching, be sure to show your best works, case studies, testimonials from clients, references and every other piece of information that you believe would help your client trust you with their money and most importantly – their brand.


Q12. What is the one thing that keeps the environment of the office alive?

The Six Inch Nails offices are different – they are not your average agency with a bright colours on walls and depresses coders staring blank at computer screens. We have music (to suit the mood of course), parties over weekends and a pet-friendly office means you can always bring Bruno to that Saturday afternoon brunch!


Q13. Given a chance, what would be the ending line of the book authored by you?

‘The Six Inch Nails brand will live on, even after I leave earth to turn heaven a profit.’


Your take?

Do you have any specific questions for Six Inch Nails? Would you like another agency, founder interviewed in our future editions?

Please share your thoughts, questions and requests in the comment section below. Alternatively, you may email us as well. Zài jiàn!

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