Meet the Agency – Awesomesauce, New Delhi

Meet the Agency – Awesomesauce, New Delhi

Meet the Agency – Awesomesauce, New Delhi

Heard of MTA? The new regular at Pixelonomics –  Meet the Agency. For long we wondered if the people behind a certain design should be known or not. Irrespective of that, we would like them to be known.

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Awesomesauce is the digital design agency which we are featuring in our Meet the Agency section this Thursday. The name, Awesomesauce, in itself is alluring enough to grab the attention of people. Started in mid 2013, this agency has made a significant mark in the field of design and creativity with its ‘Hatt ke’ ideas and conceptualization. Their ideology towards work has lead them to many good associations with a number of brands.

Ankisha, the Brand Evangelist at Awesomesauce, has shared the work philosophy and ambitions of the agency. This agency is a significant part of the growing design arena and due to its distinguished work environment, every employee enjoys the task assigned to them and each of them have a vivid and unique way of handling the work.

Awesomesauce office in New Delhi

Awesomesauce office in New Delhi

The QnA Session

Q1. Why and when did you start Awesomesauce? We’re already counting ‘making money’ as a strong reason. What are the others?

Awesomesauce is a creative digital agency which came to life in August 2013. And had our reason be money to start it than we think opening a saloon or a food cart would have been a better option, as creativity is way tougher and one has to scrub themselves a lot before they actually start making money.

So, coming down to our actual reason for starting this venture, we love design, technology and innovations. And this is one industry that we believe will keep on igniting our curiosity and hence make us even more passionate about our work.

Q2. Which are the factors that constitute a good design in your perspective?

Typography: choosing the right font. Design gives us the visual instantiation and to us the selection of typefaces and the arrangement of them is more important than deciding about the use of color, images or abstract graphics in creating a good design.

Q3. How is your startup different from another half a million design startups out there?

As we mentioned earlier that this industry is tough, so most startups succumb to the pressure and burn themselves by doing smaller projects, however we believe in taking up projects that require us to define the entire branding of a brand or business with our creativity and designs.

Q4. What is that one factor that makes your design startup stand out?

The KISS factor ;) Don’t get naughty we mean “Keep it simple, stupid

Simple is beautiful. We believe in making simple design as it gets the job done and garners real results for our partners. To us, minimalism is not just about subtracting the unnecessary, but adding the meaningfulness to a design.

Q5. We’ve been told that design is a struggling field. Which factors influenced your decision to start a design company such a scenario?

It is never a struggle if you love what you do. And the factor that motivated us to step into this field was our observation that designing as a profession is still at its nascent stage and a lot is yet to be explored. We do not claim to know everything and that’s the beauty of it, as there is always so much more knowledge to feed onto. And as we crave to learn and experience new things, this field fits that criteria perfectly

Q6. Which is your favorite Design/Advertising Campaign? Please provide a link, if possible.

Coca cola and Kit Kat according to us have nailed their design and advertisement campaigns. Here are the links of the ones we love

Q7. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest, where do you think your startup ranks in the following category:

1)     Creativity: 9

2)     Designing: what is designing if it isn’t a 10 on 10

3)     Conceptualization: 9

4)     Execution of the final idea: 8

5)     Deadlines: 9

6)     Uniqueness: 9

7)     Understandability of the designs: 10

8)     Clientage: 8

Q8. How do you define your company’s key design process?

Our key design process can be summed up into five phases: Understating the client requirements; Grasping the objective; Conceptualizing the idea; Collecting and assembling resources and lastly bringing the concept to life.

Q9. Can you tell one key aspect, which every design startup must include when pitching a client.

Always align the design concept with client’s objective in your pitch, as no matter how great your idea is but if it doesn’t help the client accomplish what he/she wants than it is useless to them.

Q10. How does the startup keep the employees engaged with other non-work activities?

We love our work but it is true even that can get demanding, so give ourselves a break by going on short trips or we would decorate the office or at times we simply sit and talk about random things.

Q11. What is the one thing that keeps the environment of the office alive?

Fun, inquisitiveness and ambition. We know that these three do not gel, but to keep the office environment alive it is quite essential to have the fun element, and the hunger to learn and grow.

Q12. How do you define the culture at your startup?

To be honest we don’t really have a culture in our workplace. We all our bunch of hippies that were bound to come together . Our office is like a second home and we all have turned into a tight knit family.

Q13. Given a chance, what would be the ending line of the book authored by you?

If we ever authored a book, it will surely be about us, and since all of us are quite the jokers the last line would most probably be something like this

…” and hence they died laughing” :P


Your take?

Do you have any specific questions for Ankisha? Would you like another agency, founder interviewed in our future editions?

Please share your thoughts, questions and requests in the comment section below. Alternatively, you may email us as well. Sayōnara!


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