Meet AROS – The worlds smartest Air Conditioner

Aros Smart Thermostat and Air-Conditioner

Aros Smart Thermostat and Air-Conditioner

The hot & humid Delhi weather has always managed to take its toll on people. You return home from work to the even hotter confines of your humble abode. The trip from the door to the AC switch is akin to traversing the entire span of the Sahara Desert. You somehow make the arduous journey, switch the switch on, only to find you now have to cross the Thar Desert to get to the remote. That is if you didn’t melt into a puddle of your own sweat somewhere in between.

Now, if you want to return to soothingly cool home, you can one of these two things.

  1. Leave the AC switched on all day – Of course the room will feel like you entered Alaska. But your electricity bills will be the size of Mount Kilimanjaro. Recommended only if your monthly earnings are the size of Mount Everest.
  2. Get Aros  – The worlds smartest AC, for just $300. Why? We are just getting to that.
AROS can be synced with your smart phone

AROS can be synced with your smart phone

AROS is smart. It is a self contained, turn key internet-of-things device. With the Wink App downloaded in your phone you can throttle energy usage, get updates on monthly spending or just coll the room off before you enter your home. Not only that, it can even learn from your budget, office location, your schedule and usage to maintain the temperature  inside your home at just the perfect levels. AROS not only maximizes savings but could also be the most energy efficient AC ever made. And yes, with the Wink App AROS can be controlled from anywhere!

AROS is the brainchild of Quirky and GE. The two companies have already teamed up on a series of smart products, AROS is another such product that might just take the crown! Watch the video as people involved with developing this wonderful product explain how it came about.

AROS is available to order from either Amazon or Quirky. Looks like AROS is an one of those products that future homes will be relying upon.

Source: Fast Codesign

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