Meet The Agency – Creatives That Work, Bengaluru

Meet the Agency - Creatives That Work, Bengaluru

Meet the Agency – Creatives That Work, Bengaluru

Everyone must know about MTA by now, for the uninitiated, for long we wondered if the people behind a certain design should be known or not. Irrespective of that, we would like them to be known.

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Ever since we started featuring a Design Agency every week in our MTA Section, we keep coming across really good and pleasant replies from various agencies. From conceptualization to creating an interactive branding system for their clients, each design agency has shared with us some valuable insights about themselves.

Perhaps the uniquest of them all is the extraordinary design boutique, featured in this weeks MTA – Creatives That Work. The team is full of energy and believe in being different – in both their approach and their ideals. No wonder this Bangalore based company has come a long way in the designing field.

Lets read on and see what they have in-store for us from their side. We hope, after this, you feel as pumped up as we felt after interacting with them.

The QnA Session

Q1. Why did you start Creatives That Work? We’re already counting ‘making money’ as a strong reason. What are the others?

When we looked around we saw that most creative agencies were ‘just’ creative and lacked understanding and application of Strategy and Consumer Psychology, hence we wanted to ensure that all ‘Creatives Work’ which is why we call ourselves – ‘Creatives That Work’

Q2. Which are the factors that constitute a good design in your perspective?

We believe its KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), often in an attempt to be creative most designs complicate things, it’s important to KISS.

Q3. How is your startup different from another half a million-design startups out there?

While half million-design startups are obsessed with Designs that are just Creative and Look Good, we focus on its Outcome/Purpose – to sell and sell more. So we marry both Left Brain (Strategy) + Right Brain (Creativity)

Through our magical blend of Research + Strategy + Creativity + Technology + Consumer Psychology we help you Discover and Unleash the true potential of your brand.

Q4. What is that one factor that makes your design startup stand out?

Creativity That Work – as David Ogilvy said – If it does not sell it’s not creative

Q5. We’ve been told that design is a struggling field. Which factors influenced your decision to start a design company such a scenario?

In our previous startup experiences we engaged a few creative agencies to work on our startup branding etc. We realized that as much as they did give us nice looking Creatives, it did not serve the purpose of branding and marketing our startup, we then felt the need to start something that would help startups brand themselves the authentic way

Q6. Do you feel the ‘design’ reimbursement in India is sufficient/fair?

Well the funny part of ‘Design’ is that its not tangible hence it’s has always been a challenge to have a fixed price. But yes, specially in India some clients want something world-class but only want to pay peanuts. So I tell them – You pay peanuts, you get Monkeys and we are NOT in Monkey Business.

Q7. Which is your favorite Design/Advertising Campaign? Please provide a link, if possible.

UX Design Labs

Q8. Apart from designing, what are the other aspects that define your startup?

A fair understanding of Marketing Strategies and Consumer Psychology help us understand ‘Why Do People Buy What They Buy?’

Q9. Please share the current and past achievements of your start up?

When some very premium clients overseas chose us over other established design agencies. Also, 80% of our new business comes from either repeat or reference clients

Q10. Can you tell one key aspect, which every design startup must include when pitching a client.

It’s Uniqueness, because it’s difficult to differentiate between two good designs

Q11. What is the future scope of your startup? Do you wish to expand further?

We wish to position ourselves primarily to the Startup Market in India. We also wish to expand into new branding initiatives

Q12. How does the startup keep the employees engaged with other non-work activities?

We are constantly looking around for best practices. So everyone in the team is required to learn them either through books, internet or through the many workshops we sponsor for the team

Q13. What is the one thing that keeps the environment of the office alive?

Every client or project is unique and has a unique expectation so we are constantly working on new and challenging opportunities. That’s what keeps us engaged

Q14. How do you define the culture at your startup?

We believe in Constant Pursuit for Excellence and Innovative Ideas

Q15. Given a chance, what would be the ending line of the book authored by you?

You Got to Be Different to Make a Difference!

Your take?

Do you have any specific questions for Creatives That Work? Would you like another agency, founder interviewed in our future editions?

Please share your thoughts, questions and requests in the comment section below. Alternatively, you may email us as well.  Adiós!

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