Making boring brands fun!

Making boring brands fun

Making boring brands fun

I always thought if given a chance, I would like to reconstruct brands into my own image and make them more attractive. Imagine the Barbie Doll as a funky and chirpy motorbike babe. Ah, playing with them would have been even more amusing.

To my delight and excitement, Dublin based illustrator Ben Hickey has created drawings that peeps a brand from its boring attire and makes the consumer smile.

He has used these illustrations to make an impact. Working with the negative aspects and collaborating them with some interactive and comic icons, the illustrator has created a group of amazing icons of some famous brands.

I feel so much connected to these designs as if now it has inspired me to recreate the old and boring Uday Chopra movie into a Batman thriller. Well, not literally.

I'm Lovin' it!

I’m Lovin’ it!

Transforming brands

Ben Hickey transforms brands to make consumers smile

Hope you all also enjoy these illustrations like I did watching these. For more of his work do visit his page.


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