We love to fail, isn’t it?

We love to fail

We love to fail

Yes would be the reply if you are/were an Entrepreneur. And that’s why we keep running and chasing towards the Goal. What happens when the Goal is achieved successfully?
We create another Goal or Aim another one and start chasing it. But yes, entrepreneurs never get satisfied by anything. What tempts Entrepreneurs is ‘FAIL’.

See, Ratan Tata or Michael Dell, what do they do not have? They have everything they wished for before being so successful, but the trolling still did not stop. I got a chance to meet Michael Dell last week in Bangalore. Thanks to Nasscom’s startup program.

I was super happy to meet him personally, a bright face which inspires so many’s life. He said- Entrepreneurs need to be a little bit crazy, At least in the eyes of the others. And I could not sleep the whole night thinking about it, still I am awake dreaming to chase my dream once again.

I had to shut my Startup “Ring-a-book” a year back, though it was profitable and managed to get decent bucks in return for selling it too to someone. But the hunger and chase does not let me sleep these days..What’s next? This question hits me almost every single moment.

Some more information here: 1.http://goo.gl/BZ9tm 2.http://goo.gl/X0neS 3.http://goo.gl/t7Vep

When you start-up or go to get your chase, make sure your family supports you in all your endeavours. Apart from that who the f*ck are you worried about. When you go to chase, family support acts like funding from some big VC and you act just brilliantly at that time.

Do not forget to sit and talk to your family about your chase, I know how difficult it is in India but still that’s the first and foremost thing which needs to be done before you start. F*ck Society and Relatives, these are the two most sucking creatures which can happen when you CHASE. “Beta MBA kar liya? Job nahi mili?” And parents reply, haan kar raha hai kuch. This Embarrassment is really big for Parents so teach/motivate/influence/inspire them enough to strengthen the Power of your wings.

Ask them, why don’t you trust me as an entrepreneur but trust the entrepreneur for whom I work as an employee? Never let the dream of Chase down. Working for someone is not wrong, it is wrong when you kill your chase to do this. Something good which I learnt from the Bollywood movie “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon … bus rukna nahi chahta.

English Translation:
I want to fly, I want to run, I even want to fall … I just don’t want to stop..

Learn to Experiment fast, build fast and FAIL FAST. Entrepreneurs love to FAIL FAST. Its all about the Chase and the Fail.. Life is all about these 2 things.

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Start up dropout, loves travelling and listening to interesting stories of common people. Currently with PayU India, Ex. Paytm.

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