List from the last year

List from the last year

List from the last year

Keeping in line with my new years write for pixelonomics, here I am writing this one to say hello to 2013. 2012, I'm sure has been your year of ticks and crosses. I hope you have more ticks than crosses and for every cross you have a lesson to take forward with you.

Lets run through 2012 in a jiffy then. Apple lost its founder amongst many others who died during the year, Indian cricket team has hit its rock bottom in this year or so we hope in the sense that it wont get any lower, New movies showed up like they do every year, Formula one circus was back in India and also went to the US of A, the winner of the F1 title was the same as 2011, multiple products launched many more saw their 'end-of-life' and so on and so forth. But what really changed for you?

How about we do a little highlights show of your 2012. 12 incidents that marked this year for you. Can you think of them clearly in your head? Think of all that happened to YOU. No, Steve jobs' death doesn’t make it to this list unless he was your friend on first name basis! This has to be personal stuff. Try avoiding things you bought. Definitely not the stuff that has depreciated by 20% already even if it was a phone of your dreams and beyond! If you bought a house or made a big investment I'd like to see that on the list.

Now do we have a list? Or has it been hard to come up with 12 things. If it is, I must say I feel bad for you! Then again, I couldn’t care less because I don’t think you do either. If you do, read on. Anyways, of these 12 things, now strike out half the ones that you think are less important, on a scale of your choice. Off these six, look at how many will be hard to beat in 2013. If you got married in 2012, that might be hard to beat and hopefully you won’t have a second wedding in 2013 to prove me wrong! But a baby in 2013 may be a highlight that will overshadow the wedding. May be, may be not. You decide.

Now take a few steps back and look at this list. Does it get you excited? Does it bring a smile on your face? Ask yourself these questions.

Does this deserve to be the only list of highlights of an entire year of my life?

Am I living a life that I'd like to see in rewind?

If you answered yes, you will surely find 2013 more interesting. Why? I need not explain. If you answered in Negative, then 2013 is your chance to change that. If you wish to have fun with this, make this a game for a party in January. Pick on top 12 mistakes, top 12 things you bought and anything else you can think of. It will be a lot of fun and care enough to look at this a little bit closely and you will see a much nicer 2013! And I wish you the same, if you made that list or not.

Happy 2013! 


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A young, ambitious, first generation Indian engineer-turned-entrepreneur. Keen on maintaining high values, ethics and constant learning about life and its meaning to oneself. A believer that happiness comes above all. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @abimaks

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