Let’s throw away our Laptops

Lets throw away our Laptops

Lets throw away our Laptops

Samsung S4 comes with Quad-core 1.6 GHz CPU, dedicated GPU and with 2GB of RAM. That makes it lightning faster than the first desktop I had in the year 2000. The mobile phone manufacturers are pushing the limits of hand held computing device like never before. Every six months a new device is launched that is much faster than the previous one.

Few years back we need to append word “Smart” to specify a smart phone, and now just using the word “Phone” means smart phone by default. They are now complete entertainment devices. From songs, movies and high end games already available in the application stores. More over we can plug our phones directly to TV via HDMI port to see movies and play games.

Now the question is why I need a laptop when the phones are already matching the performance of a laptop? And price also. Phones are already replacing our all other entertainment devices so its time to replace our productivity tools. Mail clients are already there, Light weight office tools like word processing and presentation builder are already available and light weight photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop is also available for mobiles. But nothing for programming and none of IDE like eclipse or xcode is available as of now but I am sure they will be sooner than later.

What I want is to get rid of my laptop, and want a docking device for my phone with a screen and a keyboard. Not to mention with full-blown productive tools, as today’s smartphone are matching up with laptops in performance and price. So when I go to office I just dock my phone and start working. At client site I will connect my phone directly to projector for presentations and at home I will connect my phone TV for movies and games. I don’t have to carry a laptop on my shoulder when I can carry a phone in my pocket.

I don’t see any reason that I will require my laptop in future. Will you?

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