But first let Alex Chacon take a Selfie Video!

But first let Chacon take a Selfie Video

But first let Chacon take a Selfie Video

Do you consider yourself a Selfie king or queen?

Don’t tell me you don’t because I can sense that smile, which is there on your face! What’s there to hide if you like to click your self portrait, oops! I meant a selfie. But I wonder how many of your selfies have actually made a difference to the world?

Presenting to you Alex Chacon – an adventure rider, public speaker, professional photographer, videographer and presenter. He is the king, nah, he is the boss at clicking selfies. I bet he can beat any selfie taken with his new collection of selfies. He travelled 36 countries in 600 days covered a distance of 125,946 km and created the most exclusive selfie video in the history of selfies.

He captured many short clip selfies on his adventure trip that he traveled on five motorcycles and hence produced a three minute video clip. Well, you might be wondering what’s so special about this video clip that I am going so thrilled about? Hell yeah, it is a moment of joy. He started this journey with helping the less fortunate children, selling his possessions and raising awareness and funds on the sensitive issue. Along with working for the cause he clicked many selfies with his GoPro Camera to pass on his message.

Isn’t it cool how Chacon gave a new turn to the word Selfie? I am truly touched by the great efforts done by this star on wheels with selfies. So, if you are thinking of taking a selfie right now, I suggest you make a mark of doing something new to your selfie and changing your pose while clicking isn’t the change I am talking about!


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