Leo Burnett London makes you Think!

Leo Burnett's Think!

Leo Burnett’s Think!

Squashed car, crumbled human bodies, red color splurged and beer bottles rolling on ground. Won’t be a tough guess as to what this advertisement is about. Don’t drink and Drive. Easy!

Annals of campaigns exhibit the same message with almost same stuff to portray. Someone had to take it forward. Leo Burnett came out with amazing insight, aggrandizing the message.

Engaging with London Department of Transport with its THINK! Initiative, Leo Burnett came up with Pub Loo Shocker. Directed by US based agency, Rattling Stick, the video showed the live footage of gents using the loo.

Won’t mind calling it a hysterical campaign, here’s why:

Woaah!! That really shook them. Unfortunately these guys were actors, who were apparently unaware of what was coming their way. Sad the pun/trick couldn’t be pulled on real people partying in bars but actors without a doubt were stunned. Along with mirror break and human mannequin, the agency created specially designed sound effects imparting it a feel of reality. A novel way of putting already heard message with a new feel and context.

Along with a video on YouTube, Leo Burnett also created print campaigns. After gaining traction on YouTube, the campaign managed to create some buzz on Twitter with people reacting positively to the campaign.

Wow the NEW#Publooshocker Ad by the Department for Transport THINK Campaign, is very direct and hits the effect of drink driving bang on!

— La_Belle_Aventure (@Belle_Aventure) June 7, 2013

Great Ad by Leo Burnett to encourage people not to Drink & Drive#PubLooShockeryoutu.be/TADO4LG29bs

— Daniel Sierra (@MercaBites) June 7, 2013

Seen #publooshockerdrink driving film yet? ow.ly/lOdz1. Holy crap.#behaviourchange?

— Thea McGovern (@theasgarden) June 7, 2013

if this ever happened to me i would pee my pants, even if i had just peed. Don’t drink and Drive!#Publooshockergizmodo.com/the-most-terri…

— Sasha Laurin (@SashaLaurin) June 7, 2013

Print advertisement had four different posters with four different officers depicting their role in taking the drunk driver to his/her unarguable destination – Jail. They get banned for driving for 12 months. Look on:

Think! print campaign poster

Think! print campaign poster

(According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US, almost 30 people per day die in drink and drive accidents. That’s about one fatality every 48 minutes.)

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