Legends aren’t born, they’re dropped!

Legends aren’t born, they’re dropped!

Legends aren’t born, they’re dropped!

How would you react if you were asked to abandon your flight and offered a free trip to some unknown, mysterious location? Bonkers!!

A daredevil bunch would love this random trip for sure. You wouldn’t find many of those but this campaign wasn’t for the regular ones either. The social experiment campaign “Dropped” is a part of wider campaign “Voyage” that appeared in 2010. It started off with a Spaniard who is a sun-loving guy and is sent to Alaska with nothing but the clothes, map and directions.

Dropped Stats

Dropped Stats

Travel essentials picked by Hypebeast

Travel essentials picked by Hypebeast

As part of “Dropped”, at Terminal 8 of JFK airport, they asked travelers to press ‘the button’ on specially designed roulette board for their next random destination. Though most had excuses (meetings, bachelors party etc), those who decided to go for it, were assigned their next destination right away.

This is the latest and without a doubt a lovely marketing campaign by the Dutch brewing company – Heineken. Heineken is linked to the approach to internationalism, in that it is a brand that connects people, excludes nobody and that it is ‘for everyone’. In some instances, it is also increasingly linked to the brand’s emerging ‘playful’ image/theme.

Sticking to the brand image and brand promise, Heineken with its recent global approach in terms of marketing, has been creating enough excitement.

The notion was liked by many but I’m sure only few of them have the balls to take a plunge.

Where would you go, if ever?

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  • sid

    Wow! Dying to be deported to some alien place. Superb campaign and very nicely written Anurag. Cheerz!!!

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