Is the latest iOS headed in the right direction?

Latest iOS by Apple

Latest iOS by Apple

When Jonathan Ive unveiled the latest iOS software, it was expected to be a massive leap in terms of design for everyone. I was fairly excited since no one had any idea about what it could look like. We at Pixelonomics did post our thoughts on flat design prior to the announcement, and extend our thanks to friends and fellow bloggers who helped to get an early glimpse of what to expect.

If you saw the event, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook unveiled iOS 7 in the form of a short video where he shared Jonathan’s thoughts on the design and the inherited legacy. As the lock screen was unveiled, I was fascinated by the simplicity and minimalism and how the wallpaper on the lock screen made use of gyroscope in an iPhone. However, when the device was unlocked, I could not digest the way some of the icons such as iTunes and the Apple Store were designed.

As always, I expected Apple to wow us in the design department; This is what they have been doing since the beginning, creating an image of  “Artists who build beautifully engineered products with software that is visually spectacular.”

Perhaps, Apple made a mistake by letting a hardware designer (an engineer) design the software – formerly the domain of artistas. On the brighter side, the experimentation could pay off in long term. But for me, even if they wanted to do a flat design, the icons could be made significantly better than the current one. I don’t know if this was done in a hurry, but it gives one the feeling of something gone terribly wrong. Everyone knows it, suddenly iOS 6 has started to feel infinitely better, even with those ancient, glossy icons.

Maybe moving ahead, the internal interface is not just minimalistic but well designed too. Almost everywhere in the OS, Johny Ive has tried to reflect the translucent finish to make it a part of the app. As expected, the skeuomorphism has been uprooted and binned from the OS completely. There’s not a single sign of it from the inside out. Ideally, the interface constitutes white, black, grey and shades of green and in addition to it, all the borders have been removed from UI elements; doesn’t matter if it’s a button or a navigation bar. Need I say, this could create a sense of confusion among users whether the button in several positions are merely buttons or just a piece of text written on them.

I think for the first time, Apple has thought entirely out of the box in terms of design and it may be an experiment gone wrong, risking their huge customer base who might not be ready to face this just yet. For most of us, we have begun to identify apple with designs that delight, in fact I found the new font to be merged with another one or having negligible space between two texts in the iOS. I think this looks tedious and not something we expect Apple to do. Anyways, this is only the first beta and i would keep my hopes high for the people at Apple to improve prior to final release.

We want to know your thoughts on the same because other than the ‘pioneer developers’ and the truly brave most of the people we know are refusing to shift to the new OS.

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