Lamborghini Egoista – Anniversary Special Hot Wheels

Lamborghini Egoista

Lamborghini Egoista

1 seater monster Lamborghini Egoista, Anniversary special – You beast

Never would you imagine Lamborghini’s 50th birthday to be such chaotic and wild. Launched at a private event this real top gun was 50th Anniversary to present. Carrying forward its wildness spree from Lamborghini Veneno, now you got “Lego inspired” Lamborghini Egoista. Such monster I tell you. Conjuring the appearance of an Apache helicopter, Egoista is a 1 seater powerhouse.
Bearing more lines , angles, edges and Formula 1-like nose, Egoista is sure to make some heads turn with bewilderment.

Talk to Design guys and they wouldn’t want to opine on this 600 hp, 5.2 ltr, V-10, orange-hued Hot Wheels. This is the same engine that spurs Audi R8 and Gallardo. Body is crafted of aluminum and carbon-fiber elements, part of which says “no walk-zones”.

Step here

Step here

You got to hire pilots for this. With hell lot of joy you would want to enter, but this is a cumbersome job.

  • Remove the steering wheel
  • Pop the canopy
  • Stand up on the seat
  • Climb to rest on car’s bodywork
  • Prowl to the ground

Sure to say, the Brand sends a troubling message to the Lamborghini Design and its future. Veneno being a disaster for the company (which I’m sure they would try to forget) was the lowest tipping point in the Brand’s history.

Such subversive approach towards Design would actually lead them to nothing more than one more nightmare.

And yeah, you would find it difficult to locate on roads.

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