Nescafe India continues their awesomeness beyond the ad

Rishi - the protagonist in the new Nescafe ad

Rishi – the protagonist in the new Nescafe ad

“Ek haklate hue comedian ki sabse badi taakat hoti hai ….. suspense” (Suspense is the biggest strength of a comedian who stutters) says Rishi,the protagonist in Nescafe’s latest ad film, created by McCann Erickson. With 4,828,988 (and counting) views on YouTube, the latest ad film for Nescafe has also fetched a fair amount of attention on social media.

With this ad going super viral, it wouldn’t be wise to stop the campaign here would it? Nescafe feels so too, and they have an awesome new idea to keep riding the viral wave. They are now on the lookout for more people like Rishi who would like to share their inspirational stories with the world. If anyone wants to share the uphill battle they fought , facing challenges along the way and emerged victorious by breaking stereotypes, all they have to do is post it on Twitter with the hashtag #ItAllStarts. Nescafe will select the top 50 entries among them, but they are highly secretive about what they plan to do with them. It could range from anything from a TVC to another social media campaign. Whatever it may be, I bet the world is waiting with bated breath to hear more such success stories… and Nescafe surely knows how to deliver them with a punch!

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