Font transformation in iOS 7 Beta – from light to regular

Font transformation in iOS 7 Beta

Font transformation in iOS 7 Beta

When Apple seeded iOS 7 Beta 2 to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad  many people were disappointed with the fact that Apple still decided to stick on with Helvetica Light font.  We even read a lot of criticism on Twitter where people blatantly ranted about the limitations it would cause once iOS 7 goes public. One of the limitations was that the font was too light for any practical use among long term iOS users. Fortunately, Apple heeded the feedback from developers and ultimately shifted from Helvetica light to Helvetica Regular. For most this might not be a massive change in terms of typography, but on non-retina devices this could be visual deal breaker. Not just the shift from choice of fonts, in fact, they have made the font a tad thicker (bold in plain-speak) when you plunge to the Settings. Now everything appears way better compared to what they did in first or second betas of their mobile software.

Fonts change in iPad UI

Fonts change in iPad UI

Also when you swipe down the notification centre, you would notice the change in the choice of font. However, this doesn’t mean that they have completely got rid of the Helvetica Light from iOS 7 Beta. Perhaps, they might completely omit them from the system. But currently, the unbalanced typography in the App could bring variety in the iOS 7. I feel it could be a problem in unification of UX/UI for people throughout the OS moving forward.

Barring font, one might notice fewer translucencies in Keyboard, Notification Center, Spotlight search bar in the home screen and the control centre which is basically a smarter move for better user experience. Even the animation to download and install new Apps has undergone an intense transition which we hope iOS users would love.

Undoubtedly, there are countless other changes we might get to experience in the future. Until then stay tuned for more iOS 7 related scoops!

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    Excellent demonstration!!!

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