iOS 7 Beta is being installed on more devices compared to iOS 6

iOS 7 beta vs iOS 6

iOS 7 beta vs iOS 6

A lot of people might be criticizing about the choice of colours and fonts Apple has picked for the iOS 7. But according to a report from mobile publishing company called Onswipe, adoption of iOS 7’s install have been ramping up faster than even previous betas. Perhaps, the reason behind it could be the fact that the trick to surpass the activation screen was discovered early when the first beta came out. Hence, unlike the usual way of people paying a minimal amount for getting their devices registered, people went ahead and tried a process which requires just a ‘little’ bit of effort. However, if you are not a geek, and wouldn’t like to risk your device being stuck in the grey zones of the beta, you might prefer for the registration option.

The report from OnSwipe says that on June 11, 2012, devices which visited their site from iOS 6 beta were only 0.25%. On the other hand, for iOS 7 beta which was seeded to developers on June 10 represented a traffic of 0.46% as of July 1, 2013. Furthermore, there were 0.77% of iPhones running on iOS 7 Beta which visited the site. And, 0.28% of iPads for when the iOS 7 beta was released that too only in the second seed.

If these stats are compared for the same time last year for iOS 6 beta, there were only 0.19% of iPads and 0.38% of iPhones which visited the site. Clearly, even though many people didn’t prefer the revamped look of iOS, they couldn’t hold back to try out the iOS 7 beta. We have reviewed the iOS 7 Beta in the past, and admired the animation one would always expect from the tech giant.

But the question is, would this percentage keep ramping up when iOS 7 would go public?  We don’t know, since the response has appeared diluted until now. Of course, the final version is yet to be seen. We are optimistic as always, aren’t you?

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