An Invisibility Cloak for the digital age by Coop Himmelblau


Invisibility Cloak for the digital age

Invisibility Cloak for the digital age

So, When I was in school I was always so fascinated by the invisibility cloak Harry Potter had. Damn, he could have roamed the whole world in it but the wizard in making preferred not to and fought a noseless villain instead. Silly fiction characters I tell you (hence proven, I was never a Harry Potter Geek).

But hello, when I heard what Coop Himmelblau said in one of their statements – ‘Google can’t find you anymore’ , I got curious and started wondering “Did my dream of having the invisible cloak just come true?”

Well, Coop Himmelblau, an Austrian Architectural Firm has designed a cloak that will make you disappear on the digital radar. With this, you may not have the invisible cloak of Mr. Potter but atleast have a means to become untraceable whenever you choose to. Made of metallic fiber that blocks any radio waves to enter or exit, this cloak is something anyone would like to try once. I mean, come on, in this digital age where every device/app seems to have the ability to track you, this cloak is a Godsend!! Maybe your nagging boyfriend or your caring mom is trying to trace you down through your tablets, mobiles or any other device when you are out partying or maybe relaxing. Don’t worry!! Because this CHBL Jammer Coat is meant to negate that. Guess what, it even hides your credit card information!

Wolf D. Prix, CEO of Coop Himmelblau said, “It is not about hiding, but an individual decision about one’s visibility in an environment where the controlling mechanisms are increasing.” Whatever it is does, it sounds fun to me!

Also, as a plus, there are some black spots patterned all over the coat that are designed to hide the actual body shape of the wearer. This means fat people won’t look fat anymore! The cloak works so well that, even you can’t access your information and gadgets, unless they are placed inside the cloak too. My excitement dies a little with this silly drawback.. but then, that’s what the cloak is meant to do right?

Though a lot of you reading this might think “Oooh! Let’s buy this s***”. Wait! Because it’s still not ready for sale. Hold on to your horses and wait for this amazing innovation to hit the market.

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