Intern: A voice for those unpaid Internships

Intern: A voice for those unpaid Internships

Intern: A voice for those unpaid Internships

Okay, come by tomorrow.

Sir, what about the pay?

What pay? You’re getting to work with a brand. Is that not enough?

This is what people usually get to hear when they are hired as interns. Issue isn’t restricted to India or any other country, but is spread over the globe. Recently, two production interns from the sets of Black Swan defended their right to receive pay for their work. We are not provoking any interns to file any legal suit.

Manchester based photographer and all-round creative Alec Dudson, looks to speak for those who go unpaid in their internship. Launching a periodical magazine namely “Intern”, it will widen the discussion around unpaid interns by generating content by interns, for interns. The magazine is in print to start-off. Obvious that it isn’t a bootstrapped, the funding is through a campaign on Kickstarter. Working across Europe and London, Alec worked at Domus and Boat Magazine. Alec started trifling with the idea at the end of his internship at Boat. Since then he has been trying to take the magazine off the ground.

To increase the visibility of the magazine, Alec took the most cardinal step, which is to get the print magazine on Stack, an independent magazine subscription service which selects publications from around the globe and mails them to subscribers’ doors every month.

Periodical magazine “Intern”

Periodical magazine “Intern”

Creative industry is underpaid and when it comes to interns, everyone knows what they go withstand. Alec isn’t against companies not paying interns but it has to be a win-win for both. There are companies who provide enough space and resources to let interns create something new for them, which do help the interns as well. So, it isn’t about money as well.

“The danger across all industries is that a culture is fostered whereby young talent thinks nothing of working unpaid and puts up with arrangements that are far from beneficial”, he opines in his interview

The interns are a confused lot, and I’m not only talking about creative industry but across varied industries. Reducing ambiguity and charting a clear path would help interns to define their scope of work and learn more each day each second.

Intern” sets up the importance of internships in the right perspective. The endeavor is neither a protest nor a boycott but to benefit both the sides without bad-mouthing each other.

It’s like live-in with your beloved, hoping it works out well. Short lived but requires understanding and empathy to carry forward and establish a long term marriage like proposal.

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