Instagram’s Bolt Leak might be a Snapchat killer


Instagram’s one tap messaging application – Bolt

It seems that Instagram has accidentally leaked its Snapchat competitor. Some users reported to have seen a banner ad within the app that described a one tap messaging application called “Bolt.” Next to the app, the download button turned out to be a non-functional URL on the Google Play store. The ad was visible to only a few users and was live for a few minutes before being taken out. Some of the users have posted screenshots of the ad on Twitter. Instagram has still not come out with a comment on the incident and neither has its parent company Facebook.

Currently, it is also being speculated that the Bolt leak was a test involving an expansion of Facebook’s app install ads to the company-owned Instagram platform. Facebook has been known to indulge in activities where they secretly test new and upcoming features inside their Android and iOS app, before activating them. But sometimes, they are careless when doing so.

Bolt leak could have been a test

Bolt leak could have been a test

Before the launch of Slingshot, Facebook accidentally leaked it on the app store as well. It was rumored to be a TapTalk competitor, but ended up looking more like Snapchat. Bolt is less likely to be an ephemeral messaging app, considering Facebook’s Slingshot already filling this gap. However, there’s always a chance that Bolt will offer something truly unique to the format and shove away other competitors of the media messaging crown aside!

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