Introducing India’s mobile-only Internet generation – an infographic

A study by Opera Software – in association with the UK-based mobile research agency On Device Research, talks about India’s mobile-only Internet generation.

According to Opera India, “the desktop and mobile Internet usage market in India is going through a metamorphosis. With these emerging dynamics it is important to map the usage and behavioral patterns of users in order to utilize the immense potential this growth promises.

It is astonishing to note that almost half of the people accessing mobile internet in India, have either never or infrequently, accessed the internet via a computer.

What are your predictions for mobile-only internet generation of India? Why do mobile users in India access the internet?

India's mobile-only Internet generation

India's mobile-only Internet generation

Research by Opera Software and On Device – designed for Opera Software by Sparklin

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About the Author:

Mrunmaiy Abroal heads communications for Opera Software in India.

  • Anonymous

    Wow….Its great review of mobile. I understand that whatever you describe in this infograph for india’s mobile. I think there are lots of people use only Nokia handset in India.

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