I don’t smoke, because I choose not to: Teaser

I don't smoke because I choose not to

Let me start by stating that I’ve nothing against anyone who smokes and I am not in favor of judging anyone for the same. And before you react, let me shamelessly announce that it’s my birthday today, have mercy!

You may ignore this

“If I choose not to choose something I should have chosen and the choice I made in the end was not good enough versus what I had chosen otherwise, I would not love the choice I made!” Actually, you had the choice of going ahead without adding this strange statement but you chose not to. And I had the choice of not adding it but I chose to!

Choice vs. Decision

By the way, when you went ahead and took the very first drag (smoke) of your life, if you already have, did you choose or decide, to do that? Of course, they are synonyms. But there has to be something that differentiates them, correct? Decide has a Latin suffix ‘cide’, which means to kill or cut. This is because we must kill or cut all given options but one to decide upon it. Whereas choice is based on free will, not on reasons. One of the recent posts I read about decisions is written by Abhijeet Makhijani: We live the decisions we make.

Research about success and choices we make

What is a good choice?

Research shows that our ability to make the right choice is directly proportional to success. Of course not, I am kidding! Don’t tell me you took that seriously, did you? Success can never be directly proportional to the right choices we make. That is because, I believe, there is nothing like a right or wrong choice. As mentioned before, choices are based on free will. A choice is good or bad, based on how we take it forward and what we make out of it.

Can you  name two of your good and close friends? For the sake of keeping it fair, make sure that they both are equally close to you. If tomorrow, for any given reason, either of these, asks you to choose one of them, to be friends with, who would you choose? In most situations, it cannot be a decision. It has to be a choice! And more often than not, life asks us to make strange and random choices.

The Questions

I have often wondered, for every set of choices we got and finally chose one, what would happen if we had chosen the other one? Will our life be similar to what it is? Will we be richer, happier, more content, perhaps?

Given the fact that this one calls itself a teaser, I will drop it here. By the way, please choose in favour of commenting and please share your part. It shall help me with the next one in the series. Happy ‘making choices’ to you!

P.S. Smoking is not good for your health and your near ones, who invariably become passive smokers. Though it’s a matter of choice, it is our duty to take care of them and ours, as well. Hence I urge you to choose wisely. Cheers!

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About the Author:

Himanshu Khanna is the founder of Pixelonomics and a senior designer at Sparklin. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @SparklinGuy

  • Rajat Gupta

    You were right that there is no such thing called good choice or bad choice there were only choice. And life is full of choices like I choose to comment on your post and clicking the “Post Comment” will be another choice I might make :).

    I personally feel that all choices you make are always good. May be for some time they appear to be bad but some time later you will be glad that you made that choice.

  • Phoenix

    Hmmm…interesting. Well written. Thought provoking, to the extent that it’s making me think whether I chose or decided that I should be commenting here. :P

    Anyways, it well written and would like to see what’s coming up next…

  • Manpreet / @itsCreation

    million dollar question bro.
    Choice & Decision.
    what we choose makes or breaks our life. :)

  • Abhijeet Mukherjee

    Nice article, Himanshu. For me, if my choices hurt anyone else physically, financially or emotionally, it’s a wrong choice. It’s also a wrong choice if it does the same to myself, but I tend to take into account others’ experience due to my choice more often when I take an action.

  • Abhijeet Mukherjee

    One more point I’d like to add to my above comment – I usually take into account long term experiences while making choices. So if, lets say I were to tell you something which might hurt you at that moment, but I know it’d be good for you in the long term, I’d go ahead and tell you. Your long term well being would be more important to me in this case then your instant reaction.

  • Dee

    Indeed Thought Provoking. :) good effort…. And very True. No matter how bad our Choices seems to be for a while… it always for our own Good. :) So Trust on your * Instincts * :)

  • Harshita

    I completely agree with the post and more so I agree with Abhijit’s comment about considering that our choices should not hurt anyone and I think that is what makes it the ‘right’ and a ‘responsible’ choice.

    I am against smoking too…and again, it’s my choice… :)

  • TM

    Well written and thought of. I like the flow of your writing.
    and as they say “Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.”
    Look fwd to your next post.

  • Shaakun Sethi

    Strangely yesterday the last mail I sent had the following subject line:”Smokers waste a year of their lives on fag breaks”. And the reply I received from my Boss..Its just one year!

  • Aditya

    I rarely board the “what-if-I-had-chosen…” train of thought, which has probably prompted this post. The difference between “choice” and “decision”, is like the difference between selection and elimination; semantically they may be different but in essence there are the same. Whether you “choose” or “decide” to not smoke, in my view they’re the same.

    Good that you don’t smoke, but I think the philosophy of “choice, decision and free will” is not treated well here. The subject is too deep to be oversimplified. :)

  • Aarti

    Very well said and indeed a thought provoking one! The difference here is, a choice is completely a chance pick… but decisions are MADE and they stand by a certainty cuz they purely carry an analysis n calculation.

  • nidhign

    In the course of life, decisions and choices, both are to be made and kept. The difference between the two depends not on your perception, but the situation you’re in.

    Very well written. I like the structure and the flow.

  • abhijeet makhijani

    m gonna take u on for this one :-) nice piece himanshu! really…. n btw,,,, wishing u a belated birthday too. sharing wisdom on a spl day…. thank u for tht!

  • Deepika

    Great article himanshu n indeed thought proviking!

    In between lots of ideas on choices and decisions we make…i reiterate abhijeet’s point….how much independence of choice and decision do we have in this country??? We tend to differ on things mostly because of whats “acceptable” or “not acceptable”. Its usually the social beliefs that have huge impacts on choices we make….n there are n no of examples to it :) :)

  • Kaushik

    That is a well conceived post. I feel that it is the choices that to a lot of extent shape things in future for us. A lot of times we make wrong choices and thats were our perception for life comes in play, a wrong choice can be corrected and we can divert back to the right track. :)

    Keep the good work on !!

  • megha

    bad or good..I like the idea of being able to choose.. :)

  • Sreetama

    if “Dilemma” were a decision,there would be a hand grasping for one of the particular ties…

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