Leg hair font kicks comic sans’ ass

Leg hair font by Japanese student, Mayuko Kanazawa, kicks comic sans' ass

Leg hair font by Japanese student, Mayuko Kanazawa, kicks comic sans' ass

Having been a design student and gone through numerous typographic exercises, I am confident of telling you that the Leg Hair Font is unique! My fellow designers have reacted rather vividly, comments ranging from ‘disgusting’ to ‘innovative’. The amusing bit would be to see it in action, someday soon!

What is the leg hair font?

A 20-year-old Mayuko Kanazawa came up with a hair-raising idea when she, possibly with other fellows, was challenged by the Department of Design at Japan’s Tama Art University to create new typefaces without the aid of computers.

The inspiration came when a male friend (as per her claim) complained to her about pain in his leg. And soon, the world was gifted a unique typeface that we now know as Leg Hair Font.

Leg hair font in action

Leg hair font in action

Did you notice the ‘Adidas’ in the above picture? The amazing bit is how she has managed to create all 26 letters, uppercase and lowercase included. And it does give a good competition to our favorite (or not) Comic Sans, doesn’t it?

The next challenge should be create Japanese letters using the same concept.

Is Kanazawa up for it?

What’s your take on this font? Like it?

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  • Arun

    what can 1 say, it gets everyone’s attention..

    • Anonymous

      haha! Absurdity sells. :p

  • learn web design

    Now this is kinda weird LOL … :D I never thought that a skin hair can make it into a font.

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