How does the World consume Videos?

How does the World consume Videos?

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About the Author:

Himanshu Khanna is the founder of Pixelonomics and a senior designer at Sparklin. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @SparklinGuy

  • http://www.vinni.in Vinni

    Wow! This is nicely done! I remember seeing the stats on another blog. Surely a lot to learn and for a marketer to project for the future. I am wondering about the 64% Indians consuming videos on mobile. Is it way off mark (Nielson) or are we missing something?
    Hope offices in Denmark don’t read too much into this! :)

  • http://www.comicry.org Shantanu

    Nice job Himanshu. Though I have a suggestion. You use too many statistics that are mentioned in percentage. You can try something like – One in every Ten – or – Every 7th Person in India – or something else. Variety is the spice of blah blah and all that. Apart from that, great work!

    • Preeti Dhingra

      I quite agree with Shantanu, you could have used more variety to present the stats. But what I liked is that mostly such stats are boring, but you managed to do it nicely :)

  • sawrb

    Great Infographic! Nicely done. I had imagined HD adoption was a lot lower, but turns out not. And Im barely surprised India leads the charge when it comes to stealing office bandwidth for videos :p.

    And I kind of agree with Shantanu’s point about Percentages.

  • http://www.wildphoenix.in Phoenix

    Nice info… good layout.

  • http://www.idubba.com rabi gupta

    Hey nice one indeed. Will help me with my business plan :)

  • http://www.gursimran.com Gursimran

    Intriguing to see a co-relation between viewing videos online and interest in the telly. Love the way you’ve designed it – we really are entertainment starved people :P

  • http://www.deepikaharora.in Deepikah

    Loving it! Beautiful info graphic, and very interesting content too. Thanks for this Himanshu! Keep’em coming!

  • http://www.brandchamber.com Navin Parwal

    This is neat!
    Good too see an info-graphic without the over rated blue Color.
    Would love to see something desi in this style!!!


  • Rajat Gupta


  • http://www.KyleGato.com/ Kyle Gato

    Great job my friend! Keep up the great work!

  • http://www.guidingtech.com/ Abhijeet Mukherjee

    Superb stuff buddy! Lovely presentation of data. :)

  • Yashowardhan Singh

    i must say, its very impressive for a first attempt. kudos! no criticizing this time :P ;)

  • Vritti Bansal

    This is really well done. I like that most of it gives an idea about the information visually and the text confirms the initial visual analysis. Eg: One look at the HD graphic and the first words that came to my mind (without reading the text) were High definition and 1/3rd.

  • Aditya

    Amazing stuff, specially love the colour-scheme! +1 to some comments on too many percentages. Also, too much text – could have used more graphics like mobile videos, people watching videos at work etc. However, presenting data is never easy, good job!

  • megha

    outstanding infographics..nice colours nd info

  • http://www.AnshulSushil.com/Blog Anshul

    Nice one! – I liked the fact that 45% of people watching videos in India do it in office…I am sure 99% of these would be IT companies employees. This simple fact again underscores the hard fact of bad infrastructure that our natiopn has for bandwidth!. We needed 3G yesterday And we need broadband to be much more convenient, fast and yes cheaper!

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