Honda thinks Car Emissions might be Healthy for You!

Honda thinks Car Emissions might be Healthy for You!

Honda thinks Car Emissions might be Healthy for You!

You might have heard of alcoholic beverage companies using bottled water to promote their products or their brand. This trend seems to have caught up with car makers too. Honda has become the first car manufacturer to use its bottled water brand- H2O to promote Honda FCX Clarity, the world’s first mass-produced car to use compressed hydrogen instead of gas.

But what’s so special about this car that Honda has to resort to promoting it via bottled water? Hold on to your horse-powered engines people!! This might look like news from the alternate reality, where the Fringe Division bags and tags such technology for Walter Bishop to tinker around. But, there or here, everyone needs to know about this – just for the sheer awesomeness of it! You can now directly DRINK the emissions from FCX Clarity!!! Also, the water packed in H2O bottles are the emissions from this awesome car.  With a tank strapped to this car’s exhaust, you can traverse through Death Valley or the Thar Desert, relying solely on the vehicle’s emissions to keep you hydrated.

Water packed in H2O bottles

Water packed in H2O bottles

Honda claims that the only emission from the car is water – and it is so clean that you can actually drink it. Before you break the sound barrier by running to the bathroom to hurl away your dinner, get this- Honda H2O is FDA approved! While most of you might think of revving up the engine if you want to make lemonade or dilute your alcohol, I am already planning to multitask– learn to drive in the relative safety of my backyard, seated in an air conditioned car, while the emissions waters the plants.

Who would have imagined that someday driving a car would be the solution to end all problems relating to water shortage? With the promotional campaign using the H2O brand, Honda has found an engaging way to demonstrate its commitment to building energy efficient cars and reducing its carbon footprint too.

While most critics are sceptical about this car (which is very expensive, mind you) owing to the limited number of hydrogen refuelling stations (again very expensive to set-up) posing a barrier to hydrogen car ownership, it isn’t stopping car manufacturers around the world from building hydrogen cars. With innovations like Honda H2O in car technology, the future for cars seems very bright indeed!


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