Have you sent money as gmail attachment yet?

Have you sent money as gmail attachment yet?

Have you sent money as gmail attachment yet?

Just when you thought Google can’t do anything better and it has done everything that it could possibly do, it comes out with something totally innovative to make our lives easier.

Google started out as a one stop solution to finding out anything that you wanted to know about, except probably the “ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything” (or may be we were asking the wrong question?). Soon after, it became busy with integrating itself into every part of our lives from something as simple as watching videos to something as personal as mobile phones. The stuff that Google is capable of with its services would send any paranoid conspiracy theorist down a bunker and live in seclusion till the end of the world.

Most of the Sheldons and Leonards out there might know about Google Wallet. For the non-geeks, it’s Google’s own venture that would make environmentalists a little happier by making those leather wallets and plastic cards obsolete. You can sync your debit/credit card or your bank account to the Google Wallet app to shop and transfer money to anyone. Not only that, it also allows to you to save all your loyalty cards and offers in one place. All you have to do is simply scan the cards, and save the details in the app. You can also opt for a cool Google Wallet Card that works just like a debit card and can be used in any location that accepts MasterCard. Using Google Wallet is free if you are using your bank account, but a charge of 2.9% applies if you are using your debit/credit card for your transactions.

Google Wallet has made way to a plethora of opportunities, opening up new revenue streams for this internet giant. Google Wallet account (If you don’t have one, get one now!) can now be integrated to your Gmail account. That’s right folks! You can now send and receive money via e-mail attachments!! Whether you are paying your share of the rent or chipping in for a birthday party, paying back your friends is as simple as sending an e-mail. The best feature of this service is they don’t even need to have a Gmail account to receive the money! And to add a cherry on top of the cream that’s on top of the perfectly awesome chocolate cake – the balance accumulated can be deposited in your bank account or can be used to purchase anything off the net or a physical store. If you still are not impressed, then get ready to drop your jaws people! Because Google is already talking about integrating this service with Google Glass. Imagine being able to pay for everything you bought or transferring the money you owe your friend after a vacation you took together as an attachment, while relaxing on your couch just by using voice commands (Couch-Surfing!). All you have to do is sign up for Google Wallet and wait for the little “$” symbol to appear near the attachments button in your Gmail. This past year Google has been rolling out this new service in phases only in the USA. Lets hope they start offering this service in other geographical areas too. With this, Google is definitely one step closer towards its vision of achieving the Internet-of-Things.

Google well deserves a pat on its back for this brilliant marketing ploy to use Gmail to get all of its 425 Million active users to take advantage of this service for their online transactions. Through this unique offering it hopes to differentiate itself from its competitors in the e-money space like Paypal and Square. Reports also indicate that it could be eyeing to compete with the speculated Apple Credit Card, Apple’s own venture in this space.

Is this an exciting news for you? What are the possible advantages you foresee with money being transacted as an email attachment? Our comment section is waiting to document your thoughts!

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