Activate the GPDress – No more Same Dress Awkward Moments


GPDress – NO more same dress awkward moments

Who said every women is different? Apart from being from different origins, caste, color, height or weight, we face pretty much the same suffering, fear, success and even at times the same Fashion! Imagine at a page 3 event, you are shock-struck by a woman wearing the same black dress you are wearing and with the same accessories! Damn, it’s a fashion disaster to all.

To rescue us from shattered moments of pride and feeling stylish, comes a new app called GPDress. GPDress? Yes you read it right. Not GPRS but GPDress!

What is it?



Track your fashion rival

Well, it is an app to track your fashion rival. Collaborated with many fashion brands and designers this app helps you connect to all those ladies who have brought the same label like you and tells you who is wearing what brand where and when. Problem solved. No more same dress awkward occasions.

Who made this app?


GPDress is designed by glamurama

GPDress is designed by glamurama

Glamurama, one of the best fashion website came up with this idea. God grace, they are making women all around feel special and different, at least in such moments of disaster. Starting from Brazil and spreading across, I give this app a thumbs up and a 100 million cheers!

Where is it available?

Download it at Google Play Store and experience the magic, simple duh! Gone are the days of facing a friend or stranger in the same dress. I would practically commit suicide if I enter a hot ‘n’ happening party and see 2 more girls wearing the same dress. No, no! Not now ladies. It’s time for some GPDress activation.

My verdict?

Does that really matter after a whole detailed description of the amazing and super cool app above? But on the whole I think if our Bollywood celebs get hold of this app they can surely avoid those embarrassing moments of “OMG! She is wearing the same at events and parties”. I wonder if this app becomes so popular with the actresses in Bollywood from where the Gossip Girls of the industry will get their hot scandal stories about the Fashion Alerts or Oops moments.

For a clear view, you must watch this video. It’s more fascinating than my words above. Happy Fashion Ladies!

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